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Best Dad/Parent You Can Be

Are You A New Mother?  10 Ways to Bug-Proof Your Home

Summer Indoor and Outdoor Activities with the Kids 

Do You Suffer From #FOMO?

Children's Book: Evolutionary Tales 

Educational Comic Book for Kids

Negative Impacts of Internet Use on Children 

Brains: A Trivia Adventure Family Mobile App  

The Next Big Thing: Board Game for Entrepreneurship

Christmas Random Acts of Kindness 

Fun Ways for Kids to Develop Through Play 

Count Down with "BabySteps" Scratch-off Calendar 

Simple Steps to Focus on Cancer Prevention

Summer Bucket List 2016 

Coping with Goodbyes When the School Year Ends 

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Words of Wisdom from a Mother to Her Son 

5 Insightful Tips for New Parents

How to Stay Happy, Sane and Connected to the World as a Stay-at-Home-Mom-or-Parent

Safety Tips for Parents to Prevent Your Kids from Being Lost, Missing or Kidnapped

Things A Father Should Know When Raising A Daughter

Words of Wisdom from a Mother to Her Daughter

Brody's Files 


Meet Brody

Here are the files of my son, Brody, who was my first child and together, we shared many special "first" moments in my journey through motherhood.  He is growing into an amazing, unpredictable and engaging young person.  He continues to fill my life with fun, learning and adventure.

Beginnings and bittersweet endings 

Brody says the darndest things 

Brody's Poem - I Remember When 

Brody Bear is five! 

Back to School: Kindergarten Here We Come 
Butchering names

Back to School Blues

Brody Bear is Six!

Brody's Lego Star Wars Birthday Party: Part 1 

Brody's Lego Star Wars Birthday Party: Part 2

Brody's DIY Graduation Cap PiƱata  

Brody's Kindergarten Poem Printable 

Easy, Fun Graduation Kids' Crafts 

Brody's Kindergarten Graduation 

Words of Wisdom from a Mother to a Son

Back to School in First Grade  

Birthday Letter and Transformers Printables 

Tips to Ease Back to School Fears

Back to School Questions You Should Ask 

Back to School Thoughts by a 2nd Grader 

Happy 8th Birthday to My Not-so-Little Boy 

8th Birthday Letter to My Son


Brielle's Files

Meet Lyla Brielle

Welcome to the files of Lyla Brielle!  Here, you'll find posts about my little toddler who is learning so much, so fast, while keeping Mommy on her toes. 

Baby Boo Had a Boo Boo
Lyla Brielle is 11 months old...last month as a baby 

Baby no more...she's ONE year old! 

Buttpaste Blunder 

Sweet Sixteen

One and a half 

Brielle's Room 

Brielle is like my own little minion 

Beware of Bullies 
Battle with Time: Brielle's Countdown to Two
BFF for Mommy
Blessings Along the Way

Baby Girl is Two! 

Words of Wisdom from A Mother to Her Daughter 

Birthday Celebration 

Best Thing This Month and Beginnings to a Good Year

Brielle is Two and a Half 

Brielle's Countdown to Three

Things a Dad Should Know When Raising a Daughter   

Birthday Bucket List for My Daughter 2014

Baby Girl is 3: Letter to My Daughter on Her Birthday

Tips for Living with a Threenager

My Future Teen {Daughter Quote Printables} 

Birthday Letter to My 4 Year Old Daughter 
Celebrating International Women's Day

Bumps Along the Way

This page includes posts that talk about the chaos of parenthood, family life and life as I now know it...I'm learning it's not always a smooth path, there's definitely bumps along the way.  

It All Began with Love and Marriage

Read my take on marriage and relationships with a significant other here in Married Life.


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