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Gift the Magic of Christmas with a Package from Santa

Parents, it's that time of year! Give your kids a Christmas EXPERIENCE they will never forget! BBB A+ rated delivers a personalized Santa LETTER, VIDEO (starring your child), PHONE CALL, and printable NICE LIST GUIDE with every package! Keep reading to find out how you can make Christmas extra special for your child with a package from Santa!

Personalized gift, Christmas gift

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My kids are counting down the days to Christmas Eve, when Santa makes his big arrival. My daughter is especially excited because she can't wait until Santa and his reindeer make a stop to our home. Imagine her excitement when she received a personalized package from Santa in the mail showing her his flight plan to our state and a letter confirming his plan to visit.

To top it off, she received a certificate with her name to show she is on his NICE list. This is all thanks to a special package she received in the mail, all personalized to her - down to her favorite food!

Personalized gift

About is the award winning Santa service that allows you to amaze your child by sending them a Personalized Package from Santa Claus!

Each package contains a highly detailed personalized Santa Letter sent directly to your child from the North Pole! offers 3 affordable personalized packages to choose from! Gold, Silver and Platinum! 

Carey and Dale, the founders of Package from Santa, started 12 years ago to create Christmas memories that your child (and your whole family) will cherish forever.

Give Your Kids the Magic of Christmas with a Personalized Gift

My daughter received the Silver package, which includes a personalized Santa letter, video, phone call, and printable nice list guide. The package will be a hit with your child and will remind you the magic of Christmas! 

I was impressed and incredibly grateful when I received the package in the mail. I wanted to make sure I opened it first to make sure there were no mistakes and that I was satisfied with each part of the package before letting her see any of it. 

I was more than satisfied with what I saw, which says a lot! I like to inspect every detail when it comes to gifts, specifically anything personalized. If it's something that's intended to be a memorable keepsake, I'm going to be even more vigilant on making sure it's something I'll be happy with today, tomorrow, and 20 years from now. 

My daughter was blown away with the package too. That made my day, especially seeing her face and overall reaction when looking through each item that came in the package. 

I liked that there were so many options with each item. For example, you can choose the theme of the letter from Santa. There are letters that are intended for younger children or you can choose a letter that is more suited for older children. They also have letters that are tailored to kids who may be losing their belief in Santa. Additionally, faith-based letters are available.

Letter from Santa, personalize gift

Why You'll Love

I appreciated all the personalized features with each part of the package. What I loved, however, was the exceptional quality of the entire package, from each printed item down to the colorful video that features your child. I believe that's why you'll love this package for your own child too!
Personalized gift, Christmas gift

The certificate for the NICE list looks legit! Your child will be confident it's the real deal with the official gold foil seal. 

Personalized gift, nice list

My daughter's face lit up so bright when she saw that she made it to the nice list. It gave her more motivation to be extra good because now she is even more convinced that Santa is watching.

Personalized gift, Nice list

She couldn't stop staring at Santa's flight plan to our home. She even asked to stay up late until Santa arrived. Oops, but no can do. Sorry, kiddo! 

Personalize gift, Santa Claus

This Christmas mail from Santa is already a spectacular personalized gift on its own that you can gift to your child weeks before Christmas arrives. It will definitely be a gift that your child will appreciate and cherish. 

Personalized Christmas gift

She hasn't watched the personalized video or listened to her phone call with Santa Claus yet since I plan to wait closer toward Christmas for her to "unwrap" those gifts. I did watch her video though to be certain it was all ready to go with no problems. 

Let me tell you, it was beautiful and so sweet! I even teared up from seeing her photos in it. The way the message is delivered in the video is perfect and will add that extra dash of magic to your child's Christmas. The picture quality and sound are also spot on. You will not be disappointed! 

Save on Your Personalize Package from Santa

I urge you to go check out the different options for the packages if you're looking for a special personalized gift for your child this Christmas. Give your kids a Christmas EXPERIENCE they will never forget! BBB A+ rated delivers a personalized Santa LETTER, VIDEO, PHONE CALL & printable NICE LIST GUIDE w/ every package! Save 25% w/ Code: FAM2060 at

Personalized gift, Christmas gift

Remember, every package includes an authentic, personalized Santa Letter with the all new 2018 letterhead and gold foil seal!

Personalized Christmas gift

Let us know which package you choose! 

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