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At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

Who likes stained teeth? I hope you didn't raise your hand! Who doesn't want a brighter smile? I know I do! The problem for me is that I'm addicted to coffee, tea, and wine - the trifecta that can cause teeth to stain! This means that maintaining my pearly whites to keep them as white as possible is challenging. Fortunately, there's a solution to my problem, and to yours, if you have trouble keeping your teeth white. The answer is Smile Brilliant. Keep reading to find out more and to see how you can win your own Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit!

teeth whitening review, giveaway

Thank you to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring today's discussion and for the complimentary teeth whitening kit I received for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

About Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant uses custom-fit whitening trays. You make the mold impressions from home, saving you an expensive trip to the dentist! These custom-fit trays were developed by a team of dental professionals. Check out their site to find out more about their story and how it all began.

Reasons I Love Smile Brilliant

There are plenty of reasons I love using Smile Brilliant to whiten my teeth. This is my second time using it. I've tried other teeth-whitening solutions before, such as the whitening strips, but I didn't like using them because they didn't fit well on my teeth. That's one of the top reasons I love Smile Brilliant - it's custom made to fit YOUR teeth, which makes the whitening process much more effective.

Dentists recommend using custom-fit trays instead of strips. In fact, that's the response I received from my dentist when I let her know I was about to start using Smile Brilliant. She said if it's custom-fitted, then I should go for it because it works much better than teeth whitening strips.

Smile Brilliant's custom-fitted whitening trays ensures that every angle of every tooth (regardless of whether your teeth are straight or not) receives even and consistent coverage of their professional strength whitening gel.

Another reason I love Smile Brilliant is that it helps restore your teeth's whiteness even if you have sensitive teeth. The fact is that with any whitening solution, your teeth will be sensitive after using it because your teeth's pores are more open. Thanks to the Desensitizing Gel that comes in the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit, you don't have to worry about sensitivity after using Smile Brilliant. 

How It Works

The process may sound complicated, but it's not and it works well! You start with making the impression of your teeth at home. You combine the paste that comes in the kit and set it in the tray, which you then put on your teeth to create the molds of your teeth. Afterward, you send it off to Smile Brilliant's lab and they'll use your impressions to make the custom-fitted trays. Once you receive your trays back, which only takes a few days, you can get started on whitening your teeth.

teeth whitening review, giveaway

Use the teeth-whitening gel syringe to inject the gel onto your trays. You can keep the trays in from 45 minutes to 3 hours, but do NOT fall asleep with it in your mouth! Rinse the trays with cool water after you remove them. Then, apply the desensitizing gel syringe onto the trays. Keep this in for 20 minutes and then spit it out, but do NOT rinse! Don't drink or eat for an hour after each session. It's best to apply the teeth whitening at night after you've had dinner so you're not re-introducing any staining from food or drinks. 

The average person will need 7-14 daily applications to remove all stains from their teeth. And remember, 1 gel syringe is for 3-4 full applications (covering both the upper and lower teeth).

Applying the gel and waiting for it isn't a whole 'lotta fun, but you do it for that brighter smile! To make the time go by faster, I found ways to incorporate the teeth-whitening process into my evening routine for a little over a week. I applied my teeth whitening gel at night after dinner.

While my whitening trays were in, I'd sit down on the couch and watch some TV. I'm usually exhausted from working all day and I've been taking grad classes, so whitening my teeth offered me a much needed break! On the weekends, I'd sometimes apply the gel after dinner and wait it out while I played UNO or board games with my kids. Basically, whitening my teeth forced me to take time to wind down.

You can also settle down with a good book or catch up on emails, which is something I always need to do! All those nights of waiting it out is worth it for sure to remove those pesky stains and be able to smile and talk with more confidence. Also, your photos will look much better too!

Here is my before photo:

Here are my after photos...

Smile Brilliant Guarantee

Here's a bonus about Smile Brilliant that I'm sure many of you will appreciate: You'll receive a full refund if you're not 100% happy with their product. So, there's no risk involved if you want to try seeing how white your teeth can get using their teeth whitening system.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit Giveaway

Now it's your turn to #smilefearlessly with Smile Brilliant! Enter our giveaway for a chance to win a $149 Smile Brilliant credit – the value of their T3 Sensitive System. It is open for 1-2 weeks (7 days after blog post date) and open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents.

Use this giveaway link to enter!

If you don't want to wait to see if you won the giveaway, use my discount code to save on your teeth whitening kit with this 20% off coupon code: bis420.

Have you tried Smile Brilliant? What's your biggest challenge when it comes to keep your teeth white? 

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