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Anti-war Lessons from The Mice War

Written by, Bernadyn

In today's world where violence is often seen as the answer to conflict, I was pleasantly surprised to review an animated children's film that clearly illustrated that there are more practical solutions to violence. It also showed that violence is often unnecessary and can be ridiculous for most situations. I'm excited to share it with you and believe your children will appreciate the message behind the Grammy-nominated David Chesky’s anti-war children’s film The Mice War.

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Thank you to Chesky Records for the complimentary screening of the film for reviewing purposes.

About The Mice War

Directed by Grammy-nominated composer and pianist, David Chesky, The Mice War is an animated film that simplifies the international debate of war to teach children that conflicts are not solved through violence. This whimsical movie takes audiences on a fun journey, while at the same time, teaching them one of life’s most important lessons. In the film, Albert is a young and peaceful mouse caught in the middle of a war between the Blue Mice of the North and the Red Mice of the South. The reason for this war is trivial: Blue Mice eat pink cheese and Red Mice eat yellow cheese. By the end of the film, it is apparent to audiences that conflict is best resolved by communication, not hostility.

War is no longer a distant story that children only hear about or see on T.V. and video games. War is extending into their homes and schools through the massive gun violence we have recently seen, and it cannot be measured how far this will go. It is imperative to target young minds and teach them from a young age that war does not have a purpose because there are so many better alternatives.

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The Blue Mice discuss going to war and the reason behind it, which is that the Red Mice eat yellow cheese instead of pink cheese.

I'm a huge believer that you can resolve differences through effective communication, not hate, ignorance, war, or violence. Therefore, I was interested in viewing this film and showing it to my children. Both my son and daughter found this movie effective in communicating that a small misunderstanding can lead to big trouble that is highly unnecessary. 

The Blue Mice wanted to attack the Red Mice because they ate different colored cheese. Say what?! It was apparent right away to my kids that fighting over what type of cheese to eat was a ridiculous thing to go to war over! 

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Albert (left) continuously talks to the King of the Red Mice (right) to try to avoid going to war.

Thankfully, the young mouse Albert in the movie was the voice of reason for the Blue Mice. I appreciated how persistent his character was in making peace and doing what he could to avoid going to war with the Red Mice. His determination to stand up for what he believed in was admirable and made my kids enjoy watching him throughout the film. 

It made the message for kids loud and clear that you shouldn't just follow orders when you know it's not right. 

Our world is becoming scarier everyday from all the violence and hate that is spewing out from so many people who want things done their way and from a lack of understanding. These topics are difficult to speak to our children about, so that's why movies like The Mice War are even more important to watch. They're a great way to start the discussion with our kids about finding alternative solutions to disagreements. 

The colorful animation, songs, and adorable mice help reach viewers, young and old. I think the small price of $2.99 is definitely worth it to teach our kids a priceless lesson: there is no need for war and violence. The film is available to audiences on Amazon for a $2.99 rental fee or $9.99 purchase. 

Check out the film trailer here.

The film is memorable and it had my kids talking about war and how disagreements rise. I'm sure it'll be an excellent conversation in your house too. You'll want to add this animated film to your viewing list with your kids this summer!

What are some ways you discuss violence and solving disagreements with your children? Let us know in the comments and share this movie with a parent who would find it helpful!

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