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Important Characteristics Of A Healthy Family

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We have a special treat for you today! The Blog Frog is sharing an article that discusses important characteristics of a healthy family. I think this is a great topic that many of us hold close and dear to our hearts, because after all, who doesn't want to have a healthy family? It's tough, especially with busy lives and personalities encompassed under one roof. I don't know about you, but it doesn't hurt to get some extra tips and encouragement!

So, without further delay, let's let The Blog Frog take it away...

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Important Characteristics Of A Healthy Family

We live in challenging times. In generations past, families had a pretty clear understanding of
what a family was, and how they functioned. Fathers were expected to go to work and
financially support the family. Mothers were expected to stay home and raise the children and
keep the home in order. Children were expected to do well in school, maybe participate in
sports and graduate. College was an option but not one that would cause major hardships in
a person's future.

Social changes
Many historical events changed the dynamic of the average family. The modern family
usually consists of two parents with active and demanding careers. The academic
demands of children in grade school are staggering in comparison to a couple of decades
ago. Having a strong social life is expected for kids. They are expected to find a sport or
other activity that interests them and to do it. Time is our most precious commodity.

With all of these obligations, how do we create and maintain a healthy family? Let us
give you a few tips:

Identify who the “family” is.

Does it include grandparents, aunts, and uncles, close family friends? The family unit is the members of your life that are committed to you, and that you are committed to. You cannot teach a child to be part of a healthy family without first explaining who the family consists of.


This means face to face talking. No electronics are needed or allowed. Learn to listen to your
child. Learn to read their body language. Share with them if you are having some problems
and need extra support. It is important to communicate if you will accomplish having a healthy

Acknowledge, appreciate, and reward

Set the guides for the responsibilities of each family member. When the family member lives
up to their responsibilities, acknowledge it. Tell them that you appreciate their effort and
reward them. This does not mean, go buy them a new bike. Keep a bowl of candy without sugar
and let them take a handful. Let them have an extra 15 minutes of television time or let them
select what dinner will be tomorrow.

Teach and practice strong coping skills

Coping skills are learned. You must learn them and you must teach them.
This is a way of showing the kids that there is no problem that cannot be solved.
Learn to work as a team. This is a gift to your child. They know you will always rally
around them. They will teach this to their own children own day. This is a powerful gift.

Have a healthy spiritual presence in your life.

Regardless of your faith, teach your child about your spiritual feelings. This gives them
the sense that they do not have to lean only on their power. It gives the children a sense
of peace.

Never blame

This is a hard one. Okay, someone made a mistake. Someone caused a problem. It is okay
to explain what they did wrong and teach them how to avoid it in the future. But do not blame
them, verbally attack them, or make them feel worse than they already do. This is the time to
practice those communication and coping skills we spoke of.


We realize these may not be the tips you were expecting. There are plenty of “those” tips
on the internet. But if you keep an open mind, and just give these a try, you will have a
healthier, and a happier family.

Thank you again to The Blog Frog for sharing these wonderful tips with us! These are helpful to keep in mind as we raise our families.

Now it's your turn! Let us know what's worked for your family. Share your advice and any stories you think others would find helpful.

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