Monday, December 11, 2017

Holiday Shopping Hacks 2017

Written by, Bernadyn

It's almost mid-December and only 14 days until Christmas! For many people, one of the ttoughest parts about the holidays is tackling holiday shopping. Scrambling to buy gifts in between work, school, and family activities while trying not to forget anyone on your list can be stressful. That's why I think having a gameplan and finding ways to save money while shopping are essential while Christmas shopping.

I shared some In-store Holiday Shopping Hacks over at Jax Moms Blog to help out anyone who needs some tips on ways to find better deals and save money (and your sanity) while shopping! I've laid out how to save using Groupons Coupons, shopping at Old Navy, Kohl's, and even drugstores, which can be a great place to oshop for the holidays.

Check it out and share your hacks to get through holiday shopping!

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