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Sweet and Sour: Lemon Appeal

Guest post by, Red Dress Boutique

It's a pleasure to have Red Dress Boutique join us again for another guest blog post for tips on another fab fashion trend. This time, they're sharing their secrets on how to squeeze in some pops of lemon in your wardrobe and home for a fun and appealing look!

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 Thank you to Red Dress Boutique for sponsoring today's post. All opinions are my own.

Sweet and Sour: Lemon Appeal


Let’s face it, sometimes life doesn’t quite go your way. You break a heel on the street (say hello to your new favorite flats). You overcommit at work (of course you’ll cancel your Friday night plans to stay late). You find out your secret crush has a secret girlfriend (you’re so trustworthy!).

Whatever lemon life throws, you are the Queen Bae at making Lemonade (or lemon martinis, depending on the day). So get in formation, Ladies. This is the summer of the lemon and we’re going to show you how to squeeze it for all it’s worth.

For Your Closet


 Classic Lemonade Look



For lazy summer days, you can’t go wrong with the refreshing sweetness of homemade lemonade. Keep your look casual and cute with a fun lemon print off the shoulder top and skinny jeans for that fun flirty look. Prefer your lemonade frosted? Add some zest to your style and rock our yellow statement earrings, sure to add just the right amount of bold to any look.

Lemon Meringue Sangria Nights

Channel your inner sass this summer and embrace the feisty fun of the lemon-inspired wardrobe. A vibrant yellow sundress is a perfect go-to piece for your must-attend garden parties/cocktail cruises/moonlit beach strolls with your newest (and hottest) summer fling. Looking for that perfect adult beverage to embody the flirty, fun you this summer? Try toasting to love over lemon meringue sangria and watch the sparks fly.

Poolside Margaritas

Summertime can be a bit brutal when you’re stuck in a stuffy office staring out the window during the M-F grind. Don’t let those workday woes sour your weekend fun. Throw on your favorite two piece swimsuit, pack all those juicy celeb gossip magazines in your lemon print tote and head to the pool for some fun in the sun - - and those tasty strawberry lemonade margaritas that yummy pool boy keeps bringing your way.

A Little Lemon Sorbet Will Do Ya

If you need a little sorbet to cleanse your style palate, opt for a monochrome outfit and add some 
eye-catching statement jewelry to elevate the look. A bold, chunky necklace or bracelet can add just the right amount of zest to even the most basic ensemble or consider adding a lemon patterned clutch for that perfect amount of freshness to complement your otherwise classic attire.

Bourbon with a Twist for Him

A twist of lemon can add that sexy soft side to even the most masculine of gentlemen. Tell those men in your life to roll up their sleeves (or lose them all together) and invest in a stylish lemon print button down. We promise you’ll love the relaxed look on him as you two make memories sipping Manhattans together on those blistery, hot nights.

For Your Home

Wake Up With a Cup of Earl Grey Tea and a Slice of Lemon 

If you’re looking to change your bedroom décor this summer, consider brightening up your days (and nights) with a crisp yellow and grey motif. The calmness of the subdued grey and the cheer of the yellow will do wonders for those sleepy-eyed mornings when you need a little extra get-up- and-go.

Go Vintage with Lemon Basil Gimlets

Say goodbye to those paint rollers and drop cloths, your home is about to go vintage chic with a refreshing statement papered wall. Find a pattern that speaks to the fun and breezy you and relish in the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ of envy as your oh-so- easy dinner parties quickly become the things legends are made of. 

An Arnold Palmer in the Kitchen


If there’s one room in your home you’re allowed to dial up the kitsch, it’s in the kitchen. So go ahead and let your love for lemon loose in the way of lemon tea towels, lemon tumblers and all-things ceramic. I especially love these Kate Spade New York lemon dinner plates. Like a sweet southern Arnold Palmer, a little lemon goes a long way in making a bold statement, so take care to season your kitchen with just the right amount of

For Your Happily Ever After

Say ‘I Do’ with a Limoncello Prosecco Cocktail

Keep your pending nuptials fresh this summer and incorporate your love of lemon into your wedding day décor. Fill vases with whole or sliced lemons adorned with flowers for centerpieces. Accent that gorgeous gown of yours with an all yellow rose bouquet. Dress your best ladies in beautiful pale yellow bridesmaid dresses. Dine on lemon meringue cupcakes and give out individual bottles of limoncello liquer as favors. The possibilities are endless but plan it with love and the only one feeling bitter at the end of your special day will be the ex you cut loose when things got sour.

These are amazing tips and adorable clothing and accessories! Those yellow earrings and yellow sundresses are so cute. And that Kate Spade lemon-covered plate? It's a must-have for my kitchen and home decor. Thank you again, Red Dress Boutique for sharing these inspiring and trendy ideas!

Which looks would you wear? Tell us, what are some of your favorite ways to throw in some zest of lemon in your attire or home? Don't forget to pass this post on to a friend who enjoy these lemon appealing tips!


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