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9/11 Movie: Charlie Sheen & Whoopi Goldberg

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

The 16th anniversary of 9/11 is approaching. The tragic events of that day impacted each one of us in some way and many of us still remember what we were doing or at least where we were or how we felt when we found out about the fall of the twin towers. I know I do and I'm sharing that with you today, along with Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg's "9/11" movie that's based on a true story. Watch interviews and check out the 9/11 blog app, then, enter the giveaway!

#NeverForget, #Remember911

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Where I was on 9/11 

I was a junior in high school when 9/11 happened. I was in the Air Force Junior Reserved Officer Training Program (AFJROTC). Coincidentally, I was wearing my uniform that day. When the news broke that the towers were attacked in New York, I remember being in my JROTC class and our colonel turned on the television so we could watch for ourselves on the events that were unfolding. I remember his words as they still stick with me to this day. I'm glad he pointed this out, or else, I feel that as a naive teenager, I may not have realized the significance--the big picture--of what was happening. 

He said that this is a day that will go down in history and that we should pay attention because we're actually living it. It's different when you read about historical events in your history book as a kid in school compared to actually remembering it happen in that moment. I think I'll always remember what I was doing because shortly after, our JROTC instructors received word that we need to change out of our uniforms as a precautionary measure. I felt terrified and upset and I'll always remember that feeling each year on the anniversary of 9/11. 

I'll #NeverForget #Remember911


Now, it's your turn: Where were you on 9/11 or do you remember how you reacted when you found out the horrifying news? Don't forget to share in the comments or tweet us your answer/story!

About 9/11 Movie

In Theaters Tomorrow! 9/11 opens in theaters on September 8 and features an all star cast including Luis Guzman (The Taking of Pelham 1,2,3), Gina Gershon (Showgirls), Wood Harris (Justified), Jacqueline Bisset (Dancing on the Edge (BBC), Welcome to New York), Olga Fonda (The Vampire Diaries) and Bruce Davison (X-Men).

In the World Trade Center, a billionaire sits in his attorney’s office awaiting a divorce hearing against his wife. In a west side apartment, a bike messenger kisses his 5-year old daughter and sings her “Happy Birthday” before leaving for work. A maintenance man gets dispatched to help a tenant with his lock. In an upper east side apartment, a young model musters the courage to break up with her sugar daddy. As random as random can be, these individuals step into a crowded World Trade Center elevator.

Wrapped up in their own world, they all ride silently hearing only the sound of the elevator giving notice of each floor. When the elevator stops on the 34th floor, it empties leaving only these five behind. Moments later ... their world changes as the collision of a jet into the North Tower incapacitates the elevator.

With no understanding of what has happened and is happening around them, these fives are forced to band together and fight against all odds to escape from the impending horrific collapse. During these critical minutes, a story of courage, faith, and the will to live unfolds.

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