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Stay in the Loop – Getting to Know the Embroidery Trend

Guest post by, Red Dress Boutique

Today, we have a special guest post written and sponsored by Red Dress Boutique! They're letting us in on the secret to wearing embroidery. Enjoy reading their suggestions on how you can pull off the embroidery trend and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Want to know the secret to a good trend? It puts a new spin on an old favorite. In case you’ve missed it (you know, from beneath your humble little rock), embroidery is back with no apologies. It’s not the first time (and won’t be the last) this vibrant look has stolen the spotlight. Don’t get left out of the loop this time. Take a few pointers from some of the women who’ve worn it best.

Layer Like Talitha


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The original triple threat Talitha Getty rocked the 60’s as an actress, model and fashion icon we will emulate (and worship) for generations to come. This boho diva was no stranger to embroidery - you can channel her sexy ‘je ne sais quoi’ with oversized embroidered caftans or a playful embroidered bag.

Not sure you have what it takes to pull off the embroidery look in your every day? Ease yourself into this embellishment trend with a stylish jacket fit for fashion week. Go old school with an embroidery-bedecked bomber jacket. It’s an edgy addition to basic jeans and a tee and gives your simple style a whole new statement (like an ‘I’m not a chick to be messed with’ kind of statement).

If jackets aren’t your style - or a little too hot to handle this summer - look for tunics or kimonos to achieve that layered look. Even a simple cardigan with an embroidered floral touch adds just the right amount of sweetness to your otherwise mischievous intentions.

A Dolly of Many Colors


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Everyone’s favorite country star Dolly Parton sure knows a thing or two about owning your style choices. It’s no secret she’s a fan of embroidery (and ensemble bodysuits!) but what we love most about Dolly’s look is that she never shies away from color.

Dig deep to find your inner Dolly and jump into the colorful options waiting for you. There’s dusty pastels, bold reds and 90’s neons. Embroidery is a great way to incorporate extraordinary shades into an otherwise muted wardrobe.

When showing off your eclectic faves, remember to pair them with solid, subdued pieces. Make the embroidered piece your statement and plan the rest of your look around it. A colorful embroidered tunic is a fantastic fashionable addition to an otherwise simple ensemble.

Keep It Classy Like Jackie

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Jackie Kennedy (Onassis, if you please) was widely admired for her class and style in both personality and fashion sense. She made simple staples pop and brought glam to the White House and beyond. Take a page out of Jackie’s playbook and use embroidery to bring a little glamour to classic styles.

New trends can be overwhelming, especially when they’re everywhere you look. The most important thing to remember? You do you. If you’re someone who likes a more subdued look, consider an all black ensemble with a pair of boho chic embroidered heels. No need to let the clothes on your back do all the talking. Use some fancy footwork to get noticed and you’ll make even the most presidential of men stop and stare.

Keep it Darling Like Audrey

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A fun choice for any summer shindig, a floral embroidered sleeveless sundress brings both sweet and sassy to any look. Need something a bit spicier for those sunset cocktail cruises? Bring some attitude to those hourglass hips with a playful fringe dress and you’ll have all eyes on you (not to mention reign of the dance floor).

Whatever unique style you’re strutting this summer, we’re sure you’ll be able to embrace the embroidery trend. Just don’t wait too long to put your fix on this stitch. Otherwise you might find yourself out of the loop.

Thank you to Red Dress Boutique for sharing these fab fashion tips and inspiration with us on the multiple ways to style our wardrobe with the embroidery trend. I love these fashion icons that were included, too! Which way to wear embroidery is your favorite or which one are you the most excited to try? Do you have any tips of your own for the embroidery trend? 

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