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Save on Back to School Shopping with Groupon Coupons

Written by, Bernadyn

I know you all love to save on shopping just as much as I do! After all, who wants to spend extra money when you can keep more in your wallet, right?? I also assume that most of you have heard or even use Groupon. If you do, you may have heard or have already fallen in love with Groupon Coupons. If not, keep reading and you may have a new favorite way to shop, especially now that it's time for back to school shopping!

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Thank you to Groupon for sponsoring today's discussion. All opinions are my own.

About Groupon Coupons and How It Can Save You Money and Time

About Groupon Coupons

Groupon Coupons is a partnership between Groupon and over 9,000 national retailers with the aim of passing savings along to customers. Every company needs to reduce inventory through sales and this is the perfect bridge for that. Groupon Coupons is an entirely free and efficient way for shoppers to find thousands of coupons and exclusive promo codes from popular stores and companies like Sephora, Ebay, Oakley, PetSmart, Nordstrom, Walgreens, and so many more. Shoppers simply search by store to find the best deal for them.
Groupon Coupon offers you a faster and more convenient way to save when you shop. Groupon Coupons allows you to use coupons on your favorite stores without waiting for paper or digital coupons to be sent from the stores directly. I especially love this because I hate having to clip paper coupons and then just forget it when I'm at the store. Ugh, not cool! That's why it's much simpler with Groupon Coupons.

You can see all the sales and/or coupons being offered that day before heading out to shop or check out what coupons are being offered on your mobile device while you're in the store if you decide last minute that you want to go shopping. No more worrying about paper coupons that you forget to bring. Problem solved: Most of us never leave the house without our cell phones, which means Groupon Coupons is right there with us!

Save for Back to School at Barnes & Noble with Groupon Coupons

One of my favorite stores to shop for back to school needs and during the entire school season is Barnes & Noble. That's why I'm ecstatic that Groupon Coupons offers Barnes & Nobles deals that I can rely on to save me some extra cash! Not only are my two children in school, but I'm currently in graduate school, which means I'll be needing some textbooks, school supplies, planners, and reference books. That stuff gets expensive!  Plus, I'm a bookworm, so these Groupon Coupon deals at Barnes & Noble are calling to me.

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Additionally, Barnes & Noble sells all the boooks and toys my kids love like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and LEGO. Luckily, Groupon Coupons is there to save the day and my sanity from spending money I don't need to spend. (Graduate school is not cheap and neither are kids!)

Right now, Groupon Coupons is offering a ton of amazing deals for Barnes & Noble, such as 10% off almost everything, all the time, free shipping, and as much as 90% off on textbooks! If you're in college right now or are shopping for back to school for your kids, definitely take a look at these coupons and shop at Barnes & Noble.

Save at Target for Back to School with Groupon Coupons

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Another favorite store of mine that I consider my go-to store for several of my other shopping needs is Target. Right now, there's a 15% off and free shipping for a college registry. I didn't even realize Target had a college registry, how awesome is that! They also have some back to school deals going on since school is about to start in a few weeks for many students. And you can't forget about those toy deals! Right now, there are coupons for 50% off toys, so don't miss out.

Groupon Coupons offers savings for pretty much any store you can think of; most likely, they have coupons and deals available for the stores you shop at frequently.

What are your favorite stores to shop? Have you tried Groupon Coupons?

Don't forget to spread the love and share these Groupon Coupons details with your besties! 


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