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Why You Should Try Triumph Steps

Written by, Bernadyn 

Today, I want to discuss something that has become increasingly important to me and something that I feel needs more awareness in our society. As we grow older, we're told to evaluate our health, exercise, eat right, and maintain a healthier lifestyle overall to keep our bodies in check as much as possible. However, keeping our mental health in check and doing exercises for our mental well-being is not as commonly addressed. Triumph Steps is a program geared toward changing that. It starts with introducing tools to provide our kids while they're young, so they're equipped with it as they grow to prevent them from experiencing mental illness and negative results that may result from it.

Mental Illness, Mental Health Disorders

"Did you know that suicide is the tenth leading cause of death for the general population, and the third leading cause of death for children ages 10-18? Were you aware that an estimated 13-20 percent of children living in the United States experience a mental disorder in a given year?" - Triumph Steps

Last year, I was fortunate to take a  free Mental Health Certification class at my college that trained us specifically on how to be a first-aid trainer when it came to youth suffering mental disorders. I learned so much in that short time and it has influenced me to learn more because of how important this topic is for society as a whole.

The facts above are frighteningly eye-opening and when it was discussed during class, it encouraged me to do my best anyway I could to help people become more aware of the reality of mental disorders like anxiety and depression, especially among our youth. After all, they are our future.  

Triumph Steps understands this important quest, as well. If you haven't heard of Triumph Steps, it is a program developed by Beatriz, a licensed psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience. She is the founder and CEO of Triumph Steps. The program, Triumph Steps, specializes in making emotional literacy an integral part of their educational system from preschool through college.

About Triumph Steps

Triumph: A Curriculum for Parents and Children

This curriculum provides the eight steps taught in Triumph Steps. They are concise, simple and easy to use. They are designed to help anyone who implements them become goal oriented, empowered, centered, creative, and socially responsible.

While the ultimate goal of Triumph Steps is to become a mandated program in schools, the parent-child section of this program can serve to provide a supplement at home so that children may begin to have emotional literacy as an integral part of their lives. 

The parent-child section of the program is what my family was able to try for our kids as part of the product review. My kids loved it and so did my husband and I. 

I had the opportunity to speak with Beatriz on the phone before starting my sample program, which was beneficial since she explained how I can get the most out of the audio resources. The sample program we received included a preview of the workbook and the audio.

Mental Health, Youth Mental Disorders

About the Audio Portion of the Program

This is the centerpiece and the core of Triumph Steps. The audio has been carefully designed with music and sounds that stimulate the brain and facilitates the practice of silence, visualization and I AM affirmations. This effortless technique for parents and children introduces and shows them that the power of each of the techniques is in the conviction and the feeling.

The whole Triumph Steps program includes a training video of the eight steps, a booklet, individualized audio depending on the needs of the child, a gratitude tool, a poster and directions of how to implement the program at home.
 We enjoy using the audio and the kids always feel so content and relaxed after listening to it. It really does free your mind and I enjoy listening to it and participating with my kids! We would listen to the affirmation audio upon waking up and the silence audio before bedtime. My kids learned what affirmations are and how to practice saying them along with embracing the concept of gratitude in a way that shoves out negative thoughts. 

Gratitude Box, Mental Illness
Triumph Steps Gratitude Box

Like Beatriz explained to me when we spoke, being grateful leaves no room in our minds for negativity, which can lead to sadness and depression. 

The silence exercise in the audio left my kids with happy thoughts and a cleansed mind to maintain their mental health. It now takes them a shorter amount of time to fall asleep, which brings me happiness as a parent!

Triumph Steps in School

One of the goals for the Triumph Steps program is to implement it in school, not just as a program to use at home. Participating in the program with your kids at home is valuable, but I also think incorporating it in schools would make a huge positive difference for children. They would be armed with the tools necessary to have a better grasp of emotional literacy, which could be a big help in preventing them from developing mental disorders like anxiety and depression as they get older. 

Providing Triumph Steps in school would give all the students equal access to it if they otherwise cannot receive the program with their parents at home and it teaches children that although academic subjects, such as history and math are important, learning about emotional literacy is just as important and would prevent kids from growing up and needing to take medication for anxiety or depression, which have greatly increased in the past decades.

"Thoughts Become Things" 

I love Beatriz's quote that she tells her daughter, "Thoughts become things." They really do, so teaching our kids to proactively think positive, happy thoughts is vital for them to use as a tool now and as adults.

I encourage you to read more about Triumph Steps and what it can do for your kids and your family. Pass this information on to someone you know who would benefit from it, too! Like I mentioned, my kids sleep better and can calm down faster at bedtime, something we as parents all want for our kids, right?! More importantly, it helps their self-esteem with the affirmations they listen to in the audio and they're learning to be mentally healthier by taking time every day to clean and focus their minds of negative thoughts.

Visit Triumph Steps to find out more information about the product and how to purchase it for your school or home.

Do you practice daily affirmations? How do you clean your mind or stay mentally healthy? Let me know what you think about Triumph Steps and how it would benefit someone you know!


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