Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#ThisIsLove & Valentine's Day Pics

Written by, Bernadyn

What is love to you? I participated in the Mogul #ThisIsLove series and wrote a post about what love is between my husband and me after ten years of being married. Plus, I thought it suited this month's Valentine's theme of love.

Take a look at my #ThisIsLove post and let me know what love is to you in the comments in the direct post or in the comments below here. It could be love between you and your kids, your pets, your best friend, parents, whoever!

Valentine's Day pics, Love, Marriage

Here are some Valentine's Day photos we took over the weekend and a couple weeks ago when we went to explore around our city at some of our favorite places.


Did you celebrate Valentine's Day? How about Galentine's Day? Share with us how you celebrated!

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