Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Grab & Go Meals with belVita Biscuits

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

The new year inspires many people to tackle the goal of practicing a healthier lifestyle and that rings true for myself and my family. One of the perks to being healthier is the increased energy you gain. Doing the work to live healthier can be daunting, though, especially when you're on the go and have a million things to do. As a mom, that's the story of my life! Fortunately, belVita offers an easy and tasty way to help you stay energized to keep you going throughout the day.

Breakfast Biscuits, Healthy Living

One of the reasons many people, including myself, find it challenging to find energy is from bad food choices and not exercising regularly. Sleep deprivation doesn't help either! My family already practices a fit lifestyle as far as being physically active, but we know we need to buckle down on eating food that helps boost our energy. For me, I know I need to eat food that gives me energy, not sap it out!

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Four-Hour Energy

This is where belVita Biscuits come in to save the day! They keep you energized for four hours when you combine them with one serving of milk and one serving of fruit. Energy for four hours? Sign me up! I love that and that's why they're great to eat at the start of your day with your breakfast.

Breakfast Products, Healthy Food

I went to my local Walmart to pick up a couple packages of belVita Breakfast products to stock up since I knew I'd be on the go this week with various appointments and activities. The products were easy to find in the cookies aisle.

Breakfast products, Healthy Living
These belVita Sandwiches in Dark Chocolate are delicious. They satisfy my chocolate addiction and provide nutritious energy in my day.
Breakfast products, healthy living

 I picked up belVita Breakfast Biscuits in Cinnamon Brown Sugar, but they also come in Toasted Coconut and Blueberry.

Healthy Food, Breakfast Products

Easy Grab and Go to Keep You Going

That's why I'm glad to know that belVita has breakfast products that make it easy for you to just grab it and go about your day. I can stick these packs into my purse or backpack. My kids can do the same by placing it in their lunchbox or backpacks. These packs even fit into my husband's shirt or pants pocket, which works out well since he usually doesn't carry a bag with him!

Breakfast Products, Healthy Food

belVita Special In-Store Event at Walmart

Also, belVita will be holding an in-store event at participating Walmarts on Saturday, January7 or Sunday, January 8 between 12:30 - 6:30 pm offering breakfast samples, exclusive savings, giveaways, smoothies, and more.

Save More on belVita Breakfast Products with Ibotta

Save more on your belVita Biscuits with the Ibotta coupon that can go toward any delicious belVita Breakfast products at your local Walmart. Don't forget about the in-store event. Check with your Walmart to see if they're participating on Saturday, January 7th to receive even more exclusive savings from belVita Breakfast.

Which belVita Breakfast products would you most like to try?

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