Monday, January 9, 2017

#belVitaWalmart Breakfast Event & Savings

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

I hope your New Year has been treating you all well so far! It's already been busy here in our little corner and although it was cold this past weekend, we still had to venture out into the cold. One reason was to attend the special belVita Breakfast Event at our local Walmart. Last week, we shared the belVita campaign we're participating in to share the benefits of snacking on belVita to give you energy. Take a look at the event details from the demo. Before you go, grab the coupon to save on your purchase.

belVita, Nutritious Energy, Save

You can locate your local Walmart store that sells belVita products with this easy store locator. Don't forget to grab your belVita Ibotta coupon that you can stack with other belVita coupons for extra savings!

Save, Ibotta, belVita

belVita Breakfast In-Store Event

Our event was held on Sunday, January 8, 2017 in our city. The demonstration included delicious samples of belVita Breakfast sandwiches. We were able to try the strawberry flavor. It was tasty and definitely exuded the fresh and sweet strawberry taste!

Save, Ibotta, Energy
The demo displayed a variety of belVita Breakfast products.

Fruit, Samples, belVita

Fresh fruit was served along with the belVita samples and smoothies to wash it all down.

belVita, Smoothie, Fruit

Smoothie, Walmart, belVita
The smoothie was fresh and healthy, something I'd like to make more often at home for my family.

The aroma of the strawberry flavor wafted to your nose before biting into, making you want to savor the piece but devour it in one bite! It can be a struggle to not eat the entire box in one sitting if you're not careful!

belVita Sandwich, Strawberry Flavor

My whole family loved the whole demo and reminded my kids that you can get more energy out of food when you eat more fruit!

belVita Coupons, Ibotta, Save

We also scored more coupons at the demo table so we can buy even more boxes of belVita products.

It's been great snacking on the sandwiches and biscuits this year as we have been on the go every day with school, doctor's appointments, and meetings. I've been combining my belVita biscuits with at least one fruit like an apple or banana and some milk.

belVita, Save, Samples

When you eat belVita Breakfast products with fruit and milk, they provide four hours of steady and nutritious energy, which has been helpful for this busy momma!

I've been loving the belVita Biscuits in Cinnamon and Brown Sugar and the belVita Breakfast Sandwiches in Dark Chocolate. There's plenty of other flavors if these aren't your cup of tea. All of these products provide the same four hours of energy when eaten with fruit and dairy.

Tell me: Which belVita product is your favorite or which one would you like to try the most? Remember to grab the Ibotta coupon for belVita here and share the savings with a friend by passing this post on to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram!

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