Friday, December 16, 2016

Star Wars R2D2 3D Night Light

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

My son is a huge Star Wars fan and his room has a Star Wars theme. When I had the choice of which  3DLightFX 3D Deco Light to choose from, I asked my son which one he would prefer. Not surprisingly, he chose the Star Wars R2D2 Night Light for his room.

3DLightFX 3D Deco Lights, Holiday Gifts

Thank you to Target and US Family Guide for the complimentary 3DLightFX 3D Deco Light to review. All opinions are my own.

3DLightFX 3D Deco Lights, Holiday Gifts

I couldn't wait to receive the R2D2 3DLightFX 3D Deco Light in the mail. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by its size in person. I wasn't expecting it to be as big as it is, although, the measurements are included in the description on the Target website.
3DLightFX 3D Deco Lights

The night light isn't heavy at all, which makes hanging it on the wall easier and makes me less worried about it falling. The material is made from mostly plastic but also contains metal.

3DLIghtFX 3D Deco Lights, HOliday Gifts

It requires 3 AA batteries for it to work, which aren't included in the package. The light bulbs are LED bulbs and there are two of them located at the top. They are just bright enough so it doesn't blind my son at night when he's sleeping.

3DLightFX 3D Deco Lights, Holiday GIfts

The night light has an on/off switch and a sleep timer. It is recommended to switch off the night light during the day to preserve the battery.

Like I mentioned in the initial posts when I introduced these 3DLightFX 3D Deco Lights, one of the things I love about these night lights are that they are cordless. Additionally, these night lights never get hot to touch, which is a bonus when they're going to be used around children.

3DLightFX 3D Deco Lights

I also like that it creates the 3D effect once it's screwed in with the 3D cracked sticker it comes with to give the illusion that the  night light is bursting through your wall.

3DLightFX 3D Deco Lights, Holiday Gifts

These 3DLightFX 3D Deco Lights look are easy to install and look great on the wall whether they're on or off. Aside from Star Wars, there are a variety of other characters to choose from like Disney princesses, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, super heroes, and more. Take a look at all of the choices at Target.

3DLightFX 3D Deco Lights, Holiday Gifts

Which 3DLightFX 3D Deco Light would you want for yourself or someone else? These would make amazing gifts for Christmas or for a birthday or housewarming! You can add them to a living room, den, or even an office.

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