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Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2016

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Can you believe Halloween is almost here? October flew by right before my eyes and I'm sorry to see it go since it's my favorite month, probably because it's my birthday month and Halloween is one of my favorites! Speaking of October, I received my fall edition of the Walmart Beauty Box this month. It was perfect timing since the box contained some products that fit in well with the fall weather, which by the way, October finally brought in for us here in our neck of the woods.

Beauty Products, Skincare, Hair

Beauty products to help keep my skin and hair healthy stay this season are in the newest box, plus other goodies like muscle pain relief. Who doesn't need that, right? 

Skincare, Hair, Beauty Products
This is the second time I've received a Walmart Beauty Box. I just signed up to receive them this year. The first one I received was the summer edition and I fell in love with so many of the products in that box.

They aligned well with products that are great to use during the summer like the Sally Hansen Air Brush Makeup for Legs or the Burt's Bees pink lipstick. If you missed it, take a look at all the goodies from that summer box in this post.

This fall box includes plenty of products for skin and hair, as you can see above, which is awesome for the autumn season.

Skincare, Hair, Beauty Products

Like many people, during the cooler weather for fall, my hair seems to dry out more. Also, my skin tends to get more dry and cracked. Beauty products in the fall box really helped out with that like the Burt's Bees Cleansing Oil in the photo above.

This was just a sample of the product, so you can imagine how sad I was after it was all gone! I loved how it made my skin feel smoother and made it feel much more hydrated.

Skincare, Hair, Beauty Products

These two Dove products work really well. On the left, you can see the Dove deodorant, which I think I'll be switching to when I go to buy more deodorant. This one is the cucumber scent and works even harder for you when you are working up a sweat. I recently went to a power hour yoga class and boy, this deodorant sure worked its magic!

The Dove body wash on the right has been amazing to use, too. It lathers on really nicely on my loofah and feels even better on my skin.

Skincare, hair, Beauty Products

Pore strips are always fun to use, right? Haha, maybe not fun, but a necessity if you have clogged pores and nasty blackheads and whiteheads. I think everyone should use pore strips, both men and women.

My husband actually tried these Biore Charcoal Pore Strips and he was excited to see the results. He was pretty impressed and I'm sure we'll be picking more up in the future.

Check out the full list of beauty products that were in the box:

The Walmart Beauty Box fall edition included: 

  • Burt's Bees Cleansing Oil 
  • Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips
  • Dove Advanced Care Deodarant
  • Dove Purefly Pampering Body Wash
  • Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
  • Clean and Clear Deep Action 60-second Shower Mask
  • Hello Extra Whitening Toothpaste
  • Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails Gummies
  • Village Naturals Therapy Aches and Pains Muscle Relief

Skincare, Hair, Beauty Products

I love Cetaphil and iuse their face wash and moisturizer. This one is the moisturizing cream and comes in handy for that dry skin that needs extra hydration. I actually love the small size of this container to keep in my purse.

Skincare, Beauty Products, hair

I've used this Clean and Clear shower mask a few times now and love how quick and easy it is to use. It's only for 60 seconds while you're in the shower, so you can get that clean feel on your face right before bed or in the morning before leaving the house.

Beauty Products, hair, Skincare

This Hello Extra Whitening toothpaste comes in this cute little fun size tube with the fall box. Whitening toothpastes don't seem to work too great for me. I don't usually notice a lot of difference with how white my teeth become after using it.

I have coffee stains on my teeth from being a coffee addict, but I believe it never hurts to use whitening toothpastes for anybody. I'm if I didn't use them regularly, my teeth would look even more stained!

If you haven't checked out my post on the Smile Brilliant at-home teeth whitening kit, now is the time to do so. The holidays are coming up so you need those white teeth for parties and pictures, but also, right now if you go to my post, you can enter the giveaway for a chance to win your own kit!

Skincare, Hair, Beauty Products

These gummies were delicious! I love the strawberry flavor in this one and I don't really know how well it worked for my hair, skin, and nails since there were only two gummies inside the sample packet. I'm curious to see if it does work though, so I plan to pick up the full size next time I'm in Walmart.

Beauty Products, Hair, Skincare

I've used this mineral bath soak before for aches and pains.I love adding these minerals to my baths every now and then to get that extra soaking relief for my aching muscles. Just being on my feet to grocery shop makes my feet and legs sore, so I like to keep these packs ready to go in my bathroom. My husband is a big fan of these, too, especially since he's on his feet all day.

Skincare, Beauty Products, Hair

And there you have it! The fall beauty box that Walmart has to ship out during this season. If you haven't heard of Walmart's Beauty Box subscription, it's pretty easy to get started. You just go to their website to fill out your shipping information.

It's only $5 shipping and handling charge and the products itself are free. You get much more than $5 worth out of what they usually send you. There's only four boxes shipped during the year, one box to coincide with each season. You receive an email confirmation at the start of each season letting you know that your credit card on file is being charged and to expect a shipment soon.

Do you subscribe to the Walmart Beauty Box? What products in the fall edition that I showed you are you most excited to try? Share and let me know in the comments!

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