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Save Our Trees with Caboo Bamboo Products

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Hello September! Fall season will be showing its face in the next few weeks as we see leaves start to turn colors and more colds pop up among kids and adults. My two kids have already caught colds since school started. Coughing and runny noses were popular around our house, which meant we needed some good tissues to have on hand. We thankfully had them thanks to Caboo Paper, and we felt better about using them knowing that it was made from bamboo and not paper.

Green-alternative, Eco-friendly

Thank you to Caboo for sponsoring today's discussion and providing my family with a full size package of the Caboo Essentials Pack for my honest review. I only share products and services that will benefit my readers. All opinions are my own.

 Bamboo Essentials Pack

We received:
  • 4 rolls of toilet paper 
  • 8  individual pocket packs of tissue paper
  • 1 box of baby wipe flip top

About Caboo

If you're not familiar with this brand, Caboo is the sustainable alternative to paper products made from trees. Caboo offers commercial and household paper products made from renewable, fast-growing bamboo and sugarcane to our customers around the world. Bamboo and sugarcane are sustainable alternatives to using trees to make paper. Watch the video toward the bottom of this post to find out more about how this works.

Green, Eco-friendly, Paper products

As many of you know, I strive to live a more green-friendly lifestyle and use products that are safer for my family while trying to reduce our carbon footprint on the earth. Therefore, I was excited to try out Caboo. The products did not disappoint.

Like I mentioned, both my kids ended up with colds once the new school year began. I always dread the amount of tissue paper they end up using whenever they have runny noses to wipe. I'm sure teachers dread it, too, since boxes of tissue paper are always requested when it's time to donate classroom supplies.

Green, eco-friendly, Sustainable products

I'm so happy that the Caboo Essentials pack we received included a pack of eight pocket tissues. My son brought a couple of his own packs to school in his book bag. I placed one in my purse and another in my car. These tissue papers were soft and durable. I felt better knowing that compared to recycled paper, these tissue papers did not contain de-inking agents that are BPA-harmful.

Sustainable products, green, eco-friendly

They didn't easily tear, which is a plus when you need to take care of business! With that being said, recycled paper products are usually thin and rough, definitely not something you want on your sensitive skin like your nose.

Gree, Eco-friendly, Sustainable products

Now, let's talk about the toilet paper that came in the pack because I know you're curious to know how this one worked, right?! Toilet paper is one of those products that everyone uses daily and goes through packs with the quickness...or is that just my family??

Caboo's toilet paper was soft, which is always a plus. I also liked that it's made from bamboo to make a bigger impact in saving the trees. I'm sure you are aware of an abundant amount of trees being cut down to make toilet paper, but do you know how much exactly?

The magic number is 27,000. That's how many trees per day globally are lost just for toilet paper use. Yikes, that's a whole 'lotta trees! That fact is more daunting when you learn that trees take between 20-30 years to grow and require replanting.

Another scary fact about tree-based paper is that it requires chlorine bleach during the whitening process...yikes, again! That doesn't sound good! I for one, like to stay away from bleach as much as possible.

Green, sustainable, Eco-friendly

Oh, baby wipes! When the kiddos were babies, these were an essential product that I also remember zipping right through every week, as well. Although my baby days are over, I still like to have baby wipes on hand for multiple uses like keeping them in the car or some in my purse for wiping hands if they can't be washed right away.

These baby wipes, similar to the other products in the essentials pack, are super soft and didn't tear easily. I like that it's chlorine, sulfate, and paraben-free. If you're actually going to use these baby wipes on baby's bum, this is a winning product. After all, you don't want all those chemicals down there!

Additional Bamboo Facts that Will Make You Love Caboo Products:

  • Bamboo can grow back from its roots in as little as 3-4 months
  • The bamboo Caboo uses is harvested within 2 years
  • Bamboo does not require replanting, GMOs, or pesticides
  • Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than trees and absorbs more Co2
Now that fall is making its way, cold and flue season will be here, as well. Pick up the Caboo tissue paper to keep nearby. I know we're probably going to need more of those tissues, too!

So, if you're looking for products that are not tree-based and are seeking a better alternative to using recycled paper, I would highly suggest giving Caboo a shot. Recycled paper products also have a higher carbon footprint than virgin fiber.

Where to Buy Caboo Paper Products

Caboo products are available in the USA and Canada. See a list of retailers here.

I'm curious, how much toilet paper or baby wipes does your family go through weekly? Have you tried Caboo bamboo products before?

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