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Destination Dino at Jacksonville Zoo in FL

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Over the long 4th of July weekend, we went to visit our local Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. It was the last weekend that the Destination Dino exhibit was there. We have been wanting to go but it's been a busy few months and our weekends are usually so booked as it is with various activities and work schedules. Luckily, for the long weekend, both my husband and I were free and we made time to visit different places around town to celebrate 4th of July. We went to the zoo Sunday. Check out all the fun pictures we took while we were there!

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 Destination Dino at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

During the 4th of July weekend, the zoo admission was buy one, get one free. Ticket prices for Destination Dino was not included with admission. It was an extra $4, which we thought was worth it.

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Destination Dino was a walking tour that you took on your own in a separate area of the zoo. You go through a parking lot with signs and "dinosaur footprints" to follow to take you to the dinosaurs. The anticipation made it more exciting since we weren't sure when we would eventually enter their territory and encounter a dinosaur.

The dinosaurs were mechanical. They moved and made sounds and some of them even sprayed water out of their mouths! 

We finally entered the gates that were open and already could hear the roar of dinosaurs.

Each dinosaur was labeled with their names and information about them.

My favorite dinosaur is in the above photo: the triceratops. 


Elvisaurus was in the building!

After our walking tour of Destination Dino, we proceeded to wander through the zoo to see a few animals before we had to leave. We used to have an annual zoo pass before we moved further away from the zoo, so we have been here plenty of times. We decided to just hit our favorite exhibits since we knew we wouldn't be able to see everything that same day.

One of my personal favorites things here are all the beautiful flowers and nature that abound throughout the zoo.

I love the Asian gardens and think it's a lovely place to snap some photos, take in the scenery, and feel tranquility.

Here is a part of the Asian gardens. I love this bridge that's behind me, makes a sweet little spot to take cute pictures, which I would have done if people were not standing there at the time.

My daughter calls the flamingos "flamangos."

We had to visit the splash park at the zoo, of course, for my little girl to cool off. Surprisingly, my son didn't get in. It started thundering and lightning shortly after I took this picture above, so we she had to get out. She changed and we waited a few minutes for the storm to calm while we ate shaved ice.

The view of the river at the zoo

Here are a couple more photos from the Asian gardens. 

Beautiful scenery and I think it makes a lovely place for a summer date!

Jacksonville Zoo

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The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is one of my favorite places in Jacksonville. I recommend visiting it if you're in the area. Check their website before going to see if there are any special admission deals to save on ticket prices or if there are any special events going on that day.

Are your kids fans of dinosaurs? What dinosaur attractions do they enjoy near you?

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