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Coping with Goodbyes when the School Year Ends

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

May is almost over, which means Memorial Day is on its way, and summer will be sweeping in before we know it. This all boils down to the school year coming to a close. It always makes me a little sad knowing that my child will be moving on from his old class, teacher, and friends. At the ends of this school year, our son knows that one of his good friends will be moving. This is one of those parenting moments that is hard to watch as your kid experiences saying goodbye to a close friend. I put together some tips I wrote for my latest post for Jacksonville Moms Blog on how to cope with goodbyes to friends moving. I gathered them from fellow mamas who went through a similar situation with their children. I hope you'll find these helpful if you're little one is going through the same thing, too.

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This school year was off to a rough start, containing a lot of unknowns and worries that loomed over our heads. We moved and switched over to a different school district. As much as we wanted our son to stay in the same elementary school until fifth grade, life happens and we decided to move to a new area. 

He had plenty of the typical concerns anyone has when moving and adjusting to a new school environment. He did well though and adjusted nicely this school year. He learned a lot and grew up more than we wanted! As a kid, of course, I think for him, the most important thing was that he made plenty of new friends.

However, one of those friends is now moving and my son was so sad when he told me the news. 

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Tips to Keep in Touch with School-Aged Friends

In the latest Jacksonville Moms Blog post I wrote for May, I included tips for helping your child cope and how to try to stay in touch with friends who move long-distance like mobile apps to use to keep in touch in real time. 

Head over there and take a look. Let me know in the comments or tweet it to me or share it on our Facebook page if you have additional advice or if you just want to share your story.  

Has your child been in a situation in which he had to say goodbye to a good friend moving? 

Don't forget to pass this post along to a parent you know who could use these tips!

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