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Styling Tips for Stacking a Coffee Table

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Stacking your coffee table with essentials makes a statement in your home about your personal style and can help achieve the setting you're aiming for in your house. I enjoy envisioning various ways to design each room in my home, especially as the seasons change. I was happy to create a look for this faux bamboo brass coffee table over at Chairish. Check out some tips and suggestions for how I would style this table in my living room.

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Stacking the Faux Bamboo Brass Coffee Table

I chose this table to design because it has an additional bottom layer, which is similar to the coffee table in my living room. For our family, having two layers allows us to stack more items that we use daily like books, TV remote controllers, and magazines.

First, start with choosing the color scheme. Use the table's colors, features, and the other colors in your living room to create the palette.

Style Your Coffee Table with a Tray

Next, HelpMeBuild suggests using a pretty tray to keep clutter away. That's exactly what I do now on my coffee table. It really adds to the charm and keeps everything nice and neat.

  Decor - style it right 5 essentials for the perfect coffee table:
It also enables you to place smaller, more delicate decorations inside of it.

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Show Off Your Flavor and Interests

Afterward, think about items that show your interests and style. I am a bookworm, so books would definitely be added on top of this table. Books are also an easy way to vary height on the table. Stack them flat in varying layers and place candles on top or other items you like to decorate with. I love tea pots and tea cups; if I didn't have cats or kids, I would stack those on top of the books!

Coffee Table Four Corner Approach 6 Approaches to Styling a Coffee Table:

Since books are usually sturdier than magazines, I would pick a few of my favorites and stack them upright outside of the tray. If necessary, I would add book ends to keep them in place.

My kids and I are subscribed to some magazines, so we have a good amount under our coffee table. Stack them underneath when you're done reading them, and place a couple new ones that you can easily access on top inside of the tray.

the ladder with ball string lights at the background for the living room corner as Christmas decoration!:

Candles are the next step I would take to style the table. We have candles in every room of our house, some we light and some we just have for decoration. You can also use battery-operated candles like tea light candles, if you have animals or kids going near the coffee table.

To complete the look, flowers - whether they are real or artificial - are a beautiful way to tie the table and the whole room together. Additionally, flowers can be used to update the coffee table's look even if you don't change the other items on the table every season.

Ceres Ribeiro's Union City, NJ Home Tour | The Everygirl:

You can place the flowers in a single vase or use multiple planters or jars to vary the size of flowers and style.

Fashion Books for the coffee table |

And there you have it! What are your essentials and tips for styling a coffee table? Share and let me know, I'd love to hear it!

Pass this post along to someone who would enjoy the tips, thanks!

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