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Cruise with Bluefoot Pirate Adventures

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

What do you think of when you think of pirates? Is it buried treasure, the high seas, and eye patches? That's what comes to my mind, as well as my kids' scrunched up faces as they to contort it into a pirate's glare and now talk about finding buried treasure everywhere they go. It's all because we took a trip this past weekend to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to try Bluefoot Pirate Adventures. The pirate cruise included an unforgettable crew and a memorable experience for the whole family.

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Pirates, a boat, and the promise of adventure? My family was hooked just from the idea of hanging out with some pirates. My kids were even more excited after watching the videos from the website. My son's birthday was coming up and I thought it would add to the fun if we drove to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale to celebrate his birthday weekend. He loved that he could play pirate for a day and top off his special day.

It's simple to book your date and time online or by phone. You need to arrive half an hour early before boarding, so that the children can have time to dress up and get some face painting. In our case, the kids had their arms painted instead of their faces. They give the kids these pirate vests to put on and you can purchase the junior pirate packs for only $7.50 to complete the pirate attire. The pack includes an eye patch, sword, and pink or black bandana. You can also purchase additional items like a pirate map, visors, shirts, tank tops, and more.

While the kids were getting ready and while the parents were signing the paperwork, the captain entertained the kids with pirate and sea-themed songs, pirate stories, and pirate jokes.  Our captain for our cruise was Captain Black Sparrow. He was entertaining, full of energy, and full of interesting tales to share with not only the kids, but also with the adults while on the boat. It really added to the experience as we listened to some pretty interesting stories about the large beautiful homes along the ocean.

The view out there was gorgeous and the weather was perfect for that trip. It wasn't too hot yet. There were plenty of sun and breeze to make it comfortable for a ride on a boat. The boat ride was an hour long, enough time to enjoy the stories and for the kids to get their pirate treasure.

The best part for the kids, I'm certain, is when they finally had the encounter with Barnacle Bill, the pirate who had Captain Davey Jones's key that opened the treasure chest. They had a blast shooting the water cannons at Barnacle Bill and anyone else they could shoot it at including innocent people passing by on their boats!

During the adventure, from start to finish, Captain Black Sparrow weaved in important lessons and reminders for the kids, like to remember their manners and listen to their parents; something I thought was a bonus during the pirate adventure!

The captain had an extra pirate vest that fit me, so why not? I went ahead and had my pirate moment!

The crew member, Black Rose, was amazing, too. She stayed with the kids the whole boat ride and led them on their pirate adventure.

It's definitely a trip worth taking if you're ever near south Florida. They even have trips that are more for adults if you want to leave the kids at home.

About Bluefoot Pirate Adventures

Bluefoot Pirate Family Adventures children's pirate cruise in Fort Lauderdale where children and adults alike come to experience the magic of a pirate cruise sailing in South Florida in search of treasure.

Come on a Bluefoot Pirate Family Adventures voyage as we take everyone into a world of treasure hunts and battles on the high seas!

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