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#VFSocialClub Pre-Oscars 2016

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

I just returned from Los Angeles, California and am excited to share  my experience with you!  I was invited by Vanity Fair Social Club to attend their pre-Oscar event that lasted for five days before the Oscars.  It was an amazing experience and I feel so blessed and thankful that I was able to go.  It was touch and go for awhile because I wasn't sure if I could make it out all the way to the other coast (since I'm on the east coast), but luckily, it did work out and everything fell into place! Here are some photos and videos of my time there.  

Oscars, Viktor and Rolf, #Flowerbomb

What is Vanity Fair Social Club?

"The Vanity Fair Social Club is your invitation to a roving VIP party celebrating the best in film, art, television, culture, ideas, and cool stuff. It is a collective of social- media influencers reporting on major cultural events throughout the year."

Vanity Fair Social Club Pre-Oscars Event 2016

    The location for this year's pre-Oscar event was at a new location - Platform - in Culver City, California.

#VFSC, #PlatformLA, #Oscars

 #VFSC, #PlatformLA, Oscars

Oscars, #VFSC, PlatformLA
 Oscars, #VFSC, PlatformLA

There were several incredible sponsors for the event: Chrysler, L'Oreal, Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, Viktor and Rolf, and Stella Artois.
#VFSC, Oscars, #ChryslerVF
#VFSC, #ChryslerVF, #HelloPlatform

Vanity Fair, Oscars, Platform


Chrysler generously offered a shuttle service using their cars to drive us around the city, which we appreciated since it helped save us on spending on transportation. We used Uber the rest of the time.

Chrysler, #ChrsylerVF, #VFSC

#ChryslerAutos, #VFSC, #ChryslerVF#VFSC, #ChryslerVF, #ChryslerAutos
#BackSeatSelfie, #ChryslerVF, #ChryslerAutos

Tim, our shuttle driver from Chrysler was friendly and helpful. He recommended taking us to The Grove on one of the days after the event, which was a good call. We walked around, window-shopped, checkout out the three-story Barnes and Noble, and had dinner at Mixology, right above Dylan's Candy Bar.

#ChryslerVF, #VFSC, #ChryslerAutos

Each day, there was an awesome lineup of panel speakers.  Many of them were Oscar-nominees for best screenwriter, costume designer, makeup artist, etc.  It was so inspiring to listen to the interviews and hear their insights on how their creative process works.  They shared a lot of fun and interesting tidbits that helped them bring the stories and characters to life in these Oscar-nominated movies, but also challenges and certain awareness they wanted us to take away from their journey into creating the films and the ideas behind what these movies stand for.

Oscars, #VFSC

One of the panel discussions was about the script and screenwriters behind "Straight Outta Compton." Two of the screenwriters were there to discuss it - Andrea Berloff and Jonathan Herman:

Straight Outta Compton, #VFSC 

The actress, Mya Taylor and director, Sean Baker, from the movie "Tangerine":

Tangerine, iFilm, Oscars

#VFSC, Oscars, Tangerine movie

#VFSC, #Oscars, Platform LA

Sandy Powell was up for two Oscar-nominated movies ("Cinderella" and "Carol") for best costumes:

Sandy Powell, #VFSC, Oscars

Carol, Oscars, Sandy Powell

Lesley Vanderwalt was another panel speaker to discuss the Oscar-nominated movie for best makeup on "Mad Max: Fury Road."

Mad Max Fury Road, Lesley Vanderwalt
Lesley Vanderwalt, Mad Max Fury Road

Lesley Vanderwalt and Sunhee Grinnell:

Lesley Vanderwalt, Sunhee Grinnell, Mad Max Fury Road

Patricia Arquette's panel discussion "Equal Means Equal" was eye-opening and deeply inspiring (all the panels were).  She shared alarming facts along with her insights and concerns about gender equality for women in all areas including the gap in pay wage.  Her message inspired me to write this post for Mogul to go along with International Women's Day.

Oscars, Patricia Arquette, Women's Rights

 Oscars, Vanity Fair, Platform

This counter below is where you lined up to pick up the gifts from the sponsors. Very exciting!

Oscars, Platform, Sponsor Gifts

The photo below is the beverage bar where each day, they served water, tea, lemonade, coffee, and Stella Artois beer.  There were lemons, cucumbers, mint leaves, limes, and oranges that you could add yourself to place in your drinks.  It was refreshing!  Each day at 5 PM was Stella Happy Hour; cheers!

Oscars, Vanity Fair, Beverage Bar

We were able to keep these nice Stella glasses as a gift. That was a big plus for my husband since it's his favorite beer.

Oscars, Stella Artois, Vanity Fair


Our Red Carpet Photos:

Red Carpet, Oscars, Vanity Fair

Oscars, Vanity Fair, Red Carpet Pose

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Hand Cream 


#Flowerbomb, Viktor and Rolf, Hand Cream

Viktor and Rolf set up a couple hand massage stations demonstrating their luxurious Flowerbomb hand creams. The hand cream had a sweet, floral scent that added soft and smooth hydration to our skin.  The hand massage was just what we needed with all the hand cramps we were experiencing by posting all day on our phones, tablets, and laptops!  Okay, probably not getting any hand cramps, but the massage was nice.

They also had a beautiful Enchanted Forest photo shoot area for their Flowerbomb theme, which we had plenty of fun posing for:

#Flowerbomb, #VFSC, Viktor and Rolf

Yves Saint Laurent #YVSBeauty

#YSLBeauty, Makeup, #VFSC

YSL did our makeup during one of the days there. I love their foundation and concealer, Touche Eclat; it's my new favorite concealer and below is my amazing makeup artist from YSL:

Oscars, #VFSC, YSL Beauty

#YSLBeauty, #VFSC, Cosmetics

The elevator doors inside Platform:

#VFSC, #Platform LA, Oscars

One of my favorite little surprises they had for us was bringing out Sean O'Pry.  You may know him from Taylor Swift's music video, "Blank Space."  He is the Spicebomb cologne model for Viktor and Rolf and named one of Forbes top male models.

Sean O'Pry, Blank Space, Model Viktor and Rolf

#VFSC, Sean O'Pry, Blank Space

He caught me taking his picture while I was in line waiting to get a picture with him. I think he was totally cool with it, though!

Sean O'Pry, Blank Space, #VFSC

He was super nice and a little goofy. He introduced himself right away and decided to put bunny ears on me in one of our pics.  I tried to do it back at him but he was too tall for me to reach his head! Maybe next time we meet, Sean ;)

#VFSC, Sean O'Pry, Oscars

#VFSC, Oscars, Sean O'Pry

L'Oreal Paris Makeup

L'Oreal Makeup, #VFSC, Cosmetics

Another makeup sponsor was L'Oreal Paris USA.  Above is their L'Oreal Paris la Palette Nude.

#YSLBeauty, Makeup, #VFSC

Here's the wonderful concealer called, Touche Eclat from YSL.  I definitely recommend it!

Chrysler Portable Charger, #VFSC, #ChryslerVF

Chrysler was giving away a portable charger and a few other gifts on their own that weren't on the gift table.  I think it was them who were giving away $50 gas cards but those were all gone by the time we arrived.

A look at the rooftop of Platform:

You'll have to excuse the quality on these videos, I did not bring my actual Nikon camera/video cam so my cell was not the best recording device.

Setting Up for the Oscars

I traveled with my sister and friend.  We had a chance to visit some of the tourist attractions including seeing up close and personal the actual red carpet as we watched them set up for the big night:
Oscars, Academy Awards, Red Carpet

One of my all-time favorite actors, Leonardo DiCaprio, finally took home an Oscar, yay!

Oscars, Red Carpet, Academy Awards

Oscars, Academy Awards, Red Carpet

I'm still on a high from all the fun I had during the event and while exploring LA.  I enjoyed all the incredible panel discussions, speakers, inspirational people I met, or people I heard speaking about their passions. It was such a privilege that left me craving more, feeling motivated, and I can't wait to be a part of the next event with Vanity Fair Social Club!  

If you're craving more, too, I have a whole gallery of pictures, videos, and tidbits from the event while I was there.  You can find them through my social media channels that I've posted in the past week on  Twitter and Instagram.

I know the Oscars was more controversial this year.  Did you watch? Who were you rooting for to win? Share and let me know, I'd love to hear it! 

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