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Easy Easter Bunny Cookie Cake

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Will the Easter Bunny be visiting your home or have your kids visited the Easter Bunny yet? Today's recipe is an Easter bunny that you can bring to serve at a party you may be attending this weekend. It's cute and simple to decorate. The kids (and adults), will surely want to have a slice of this bunny cake!

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How to Make a Cute Easter Bunny Cake

I believe that this bunny pan is actually a cookie pan, which is why it is shallow.  The cake layers will come out pretty thin. If you want a thicker, regular-size cake, you'll have to make multiple layers. I only made one here since my little girl was in a hurry to eat it up. For a party or if serving a lot of guests, definitely make several layers!
 Pink Bunny Cake, Recipe

Additionally, as you can see in the featured image, the cake inside is multiple pastel colors. I originally meant to frost the outside of the cake using the same multi-colors, as well, but that didn't come into fruition! Let's just say, "some bunny" was in a hurry to have Mommy finish frosting because she just couldn't wait to dig in!

I think it would look festive if you did match the frosting colors to the inside of the cake. You would  need to separate the frosting with the food coloring for each section, the same way you would do for the cake batter, as shown in the photo below:
Pastel Cake Colors, Baking, Recipe

What You Need:
  • Easter bunny cake pan by Wilton (found at hobby/craft stores)
  • White cake mix or white cake recipe that you prefer
  • Decorating frosting, you can use Wilton's frosting that is also found at hobby/craft stores in the baking section, or make your own frosting, keeping it at a medium-consistency
  • Wilton star tip
  • Couplers to secure star tip
  • Piping bag to place frosting
  • Three separate bowls to mix different colors of frosting, optional
  • Food coloring, optional; a white bunny would look super cute, too!
  • Chocolate or candy to use for eyes and nose


  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Grease your cake pan.
  3. After making your cake batter, separate it into individual bowls, depending on how many colors you are using (if you are using multiple colors).
  4. Squeeze out just a couple drops at a time of food coloring and mix until you reach your desired color. Since I wanted soft, pastel colors, I only put in about two drops for each color.
  5. Pour in one color of batter at a time into pan.
  6. Bake in oven for the amount of time recommended for the cake recipe you are using or until toothpick comes out clean when inserted in middle of cake. Be careful not to overcook.
  7. Allow cake to cool completely before frosting. I like to place mine in the freezer for about fifteen minutes after it is cool to be certain the cake is firm enough to decorate.

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You can remove air bubbles before cooking cake by tapping the pan lightly on the table or counter. I didn't do that and as you can see, the cake has some air bubbles.

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How to Decorate Easter Bunny Cake

Pink Bunny Cake, Dessert, Recipe

  1. Make sure you are using at least medium-consistency icing. If icing is too soft, it will not hold its shape to create the stars from the star tip. 
  2. Once your cake is cool, fill your piping bag halfway with the frosting. Remember to frost each individual color at a time if you're matching the frosting to the multiple cake colors.
  3. Hold the piping bag upright at a 90 degree angle. Squeeze out frosting, piping out one star, row by row. Keep the stars as uniform as you can and close together so they are in a tight line without spaces in between.
  4. Don't forget to frost the sides of the cake, too.
  5. Add the eyes and nose with your preferred candy. 

Pink Bunny Cake, Dessert

*Tip: try to get out all the air bubbles from the piping bag each time you fill the bag.

Pink Bunny Cake, Dessert, Recipe

I frosted this cake in a hurry, so the stars are not all the same size and shape. It's simple to decorate, however; and if you do take your time, it should come out beautifully.

You can also make this a cookie cake by baking a cookie instead. Be careful when removing the cookie from the pan as it may crumble or break. You can frost it the same as this cake.

Don't forget to pass this post along to someone who would enjoy an Easter bunny on their table!

What dessert do you enjoy eating for Easter? Share and let me know, I'd love to hear it!

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