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Valentine's Candle Reusing Broken Crayons {Printable Tags}

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Valentine's Day will be here soon! For those who celebrate this holiday, and anyone who has a bunch of broken crayons laying around, I'm re-sharing this DIY idea for a creative gift you can make to give to someone special for Valentine's Day or to use for yourself. We used to have an abundance of broken crayons in our home when our kids were younger. I hated to see them just get thrown out, however, so I found some craft ideas to create with them: Bake them together to make a larger crayon, and melt them down to make candles. Both projects are an easy, fun way to recycle those broken crayons that you may think have become useless. I'm sharing the tutorial on how to make the candle today along with a few free Valentine's Day tags you can use to add that extra touch.   

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How to Make Candles Reusing Broken Crayons

I've shared this craft in a previous post, but thought it was worth sharing again since Valentine's Day is coming up and you can change the colors of the candle to match Valentine's Day colors. I originally found the inspiration to make these candles in this post so check it out, too!

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Supplies You Need:

  • Broken crayons - the amount depends on the size of the jar you are using to make the candles.  
  • Clean, empty glass jar
  • Candle wick
  • Wax flakes (You can find these at hobby/craft stores or order them from Amazon)
  • Scented oil to add a scent to the candle, optional
  • Plate stand to help prop up the glass jar, optional
  • Newspaper to cover the surface you're working on
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  • Start with gathering all your broken crayons.  First, decide on a certain pattern or color scheme before you start melting the crayons.
  • Peel off all the paper from the crayons.  I had my kids help a lot with this to keep them busy!
  • Break the crayons down to smaller pieces if they are only broken in two parts.  It will be easier to melt them when they're smaller.
  • Use a plate stand to help you hold the jar on its side, shown in the photo below, if you want to create a tilted effect for the colors once the wax is cooled in the jar.

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Attach a candle wick to the bottom of the jar before you pour in any melted wax.   You can melt a bit of wax on the bottom of the wick and allow it to cool and harden to stay in the center of the jar.  If you're using more than one wick for your candle, decide where you'll be placing the wick and repeat this process to keep the wick still once you start pouring your wax.

Place the broken crayons with wax flakes in small paper cups, like bathroom cups.  Use enough wax flakes with the broken crayons, maybe filling it at least half way to fill half of the jar you're using.  You may need to add more once you see how much the first batch fills the jar.  

If you would like to add scent to your candle, pour in a couple drops from scented oil before putting the cups in the microwave.

I didn't do it in the picture above, but breaking down the crayons even smaller will make the melting process faster.  Heat the cups in the microwave for two minute intervals, reheating for one minute after that until it fully melts. 

You can use a wooden stick, such as a popsicle stick, to stir the wax.  Pour the melted wax and crayons into the jar immediately before it begins to cool and harden.  

***Be careful!  Cup will be hot.  Don't let small kids handle the hot cups.  Also, be cautious of the wax touching the sides and top of the glass jar.  You'll have to remove it once it hardens.***

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Repeat the process of melting the wax and crayons in the microwave until you have your candle finished.  Prop the glass jar to its other side, if it is on a plate holder.  Allow the wax to cool completely before handling the jar.

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You can see how the colors are slightly diagonal at a tilt since they sat in the plate holder.
Use Valentine colors - red, pink, white, or purple - to make it more festive if giving the candle as a gift. 

Valentine's Day Printable Tags

Here are some free printable tags you can download and print to attach to these candles, or use them for any other Valentine's gifts or cards you may be giving out:

What are some crafts you're working on this month?  Share and let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear them!

Pass this post along to any craft-lovers you know who might want to make these DIY candles!

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