Saturday, February 6, 2016

Last Minute Super Bowl Recipes

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

It's almost time for the big game, you know the one - Super Bowl 50! It's all going down on Sunday, February 7th. Will you be watching? I've never been a huge football fan, although, I do enjoy tailgating and attending our team's home games when I can.  Last year, my little boy became a huge sports fan, including football as his top sports he is interested in; he began playing it with friends, wants to join a local team, and collects football cards. His enthusiasm for the game encouraged me to learn more about it and to even throw around the ball together at the park. I've become more enthusiastic about the upcoming super bowl because of him, leading me to think about food. A big part of watching the super bowl is eating! Since I'm hunting down some recipes to possibly make for my family on Sunday, I'm sharing them here for anyone else who needs some last minute football food ideas, too.

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Fun Football Game Food for Kids (and Adults)


Mini Taco Bowls Recipe 


Pigskins in a Blanket

The ultimate appetizer filled with corn, cheese, and touch of chipotle. This dip is ALWAYS a hit and there is never any left over! It's incredibly easy to throw together, too. MAKE THIS and I know you will LOVE it!


Easy treats to whip up for Super Bowl 50

Football Pretzels 2


 What are some recipes you're whipping up for Super Bowl 50?  Also, I'm curious, which team are you cheering for?

Pass this post along to someone you know who may need some quick recipes for the game!

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