Thursday, February 18, 2016

Count Down with "BabySteps" Scratch-off Calendar

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

When I was pregnant, I remember the excitement of counting down to the day I could meet my baby.  I also had a lot of morning sickness and other unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, so I was counting down to the day I would be relieved from those not-so-fun pregnancy problems, too.  From my experience as an excited mom, I believe a scratch-off calendar would be a fun way to help with the counting down process that leads to that special day. Splash Brands has created the "BabySteps" Scratch-off Calendar, which is a beautiful calendar that would make a wonderful gift for expecting parents. 

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About "BabySteps" Scratch-off Calendar

The "BabySteps" Scratch-Off Calendar is a beautifully designed wall poster with 236 entertaining facts and tips for parents-to-be. The individual fields are all covered by scratch paint. One new field is scratched off every day.

I think the colors and design are adorable and that expecting parents will appreciate its function and how it displays on the wall.  It is illustrated with cute animals and characters that typically pop in your head when you think of a baby nursery, like owls, lambs, elephants, teddy bears, and rocking horses. 

The calendar comes inside this sturdy box that is ready to gift-wrap or place inside a gift bag.

The calendar is split up into the three trimesters, starting with trimester 1 on the bottom of the calendar.  It begins at week 5 when women usually become aware they are pregnant.  Weeks 5-8 are tips, info, and trivia that you do not need to scratch-off.

The first scratch-off day is during week 9 on day 57.  I didn't want to scratch off any of the days since I plan to gift this calendar to an expectant mama, but I am curious about the information that each day reveals!

I think this calendar is such a unique idea since it is a scratch-off.  If you have a young child while you are pregnant, letting her scratch off the days would be a fun way for her to help count down and get excited about her future sibling.

About Splash Brands

Splash Brands is a company that develops unique gifts.  They are focused on making quality products to sell worldwide, overseeing each item from the start to the finish.  Their main office is located in Germany, but they have an office and a warehouse in Satellite Beach, USA.

You can find more details and information to purchase this lovely BabySteps Scratch-off Calendar through Amazon.  Visit Splash Brands on Facebook to see more unique products, gift ideas, and updates.

What was your favorite or least favorite trimester during pregnancy?  Share and let me know, I'd love to hear about it!

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