Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wedding Anniversary Quotes and Printables

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

I'm a day late (no, not that way!), but I had too much going on yesterday and didn't get a chance to plan this post ahead of time so I'm sharing it now. My husband and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary yesterday! Although we have two children together and we have been together for all these years, it still feels unreal at times that we have actually been married for almost a decade. I know this is nothing compared to those couples who have grown old together and been married for more than 20, 30, or even 40 years. We're still learning a lot about marriage everyday and will probably still feel clueless when we reach our 25th anniversary. We definitely have our ups and downs in our marriage! Last year, I shared some of my views on marriage in 5 Marriage Lessons and Free Marriage Quote Printables. Today, I'm sharing a few more marriage quotes and a couple of interesting videos about different perspectives on marriage.

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Marriage and Wedding Tips

To all the happy couples who are not yet married, I put these images together, (you can download them if you like), as a quick way to share some positive tips on the realities of what to expect in marriage. Like I said, I'm still learning myself and navigating my way through my own marriage so I'm not trying to say I know it all, but I wanted to share some of the big things I've learned and some of the things I'm still trying to embrace in a marriage.  Good luck!

1.  Talk It Out

2.  Listen to Each Other  - Don't just listen to your words or what other people have to say

3.  Treat Each Other How You Want to Be Treated

4.  Don't just focus on the wedding day, discuss and plan for the day after the wedding, and the next day,  and the next...

5. Find Tranquility in One Another

6.   It's Always Nice to Have a Friend as Your Spouse

7. Truth: Neither of You are Perfect ...but maybe those flaws are a couple reasons you fell for each other in the first place

8. Happily Ever After Doesn't Mean Every Moment is Perfect or that life is a fairy tale - make your own "Happily Ever After" choosing your own path together.


What is Love?

I love hearing how kids put together their thoughts and process the information around them.  Here's some adorable videos on how they answer some of life's big questions!

"Kids Talk About True Love" - Tiffany & Co.:


"Adults Ask Kids for Advice" - BuzzFeedYellow


What's some advice you have for a happy marriage?

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