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Kids' Candor Bilingual Educational Kits

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

As parents, we are our children's first teachers.  Children begin learning from day one, so it is important to interact with them and be proactive in nurturing their physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills.  Also, learning another language in today's world can help kids embrace diversity, as well as pave their way to more successful careers and overall, lead them to be more well-rounded individuals.  The learning program, Kids' Candor, understands the importance of diversity and educating our kids to be bilingual.  I was curious to try out one of their educational kits for my preschool-age daughter and I'm excited to share it with you!

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Thank you to Kids' Candor for sponsoring today's discussion.  I only share products and brands that I believe will benefit my readers.  All opinions are my own. 

About Kids' Candor Bilingual Early Child Development

Kids' Candor is a comprehensive educational subscription box.  There are many choices of boxes to help your child learn in different areas, depending on her age, starting at 0-6 months.  The boxes encompass games, original bilingual music, dual language activity materials, books, toys, and easy-to-use guide cards.  (Watch the video to see what is included in a bilingual box).  There are new themes every month and five subscription boxes. 

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My son, who attends a public elementary school, has been taking Spanish classes.  I'm glad that Kids' Candor provides learning materials in the kits to help my daughter pick up on the Spanish language, as well.  It helps me, too, since I don't speak Spanish and don't want my kids to leave me behind once they learn the language!

Aside from subscription boxes, single kits are also offered, which is what I received for my four-year-old daughter.  I let her choose which kit she wanted.  She chose the "Letters and Words" Educational Kit.


The kit includes:
Guides: 20 Activity Cards
             KC Alphabet Guide
Music: Original KC CD: Letters and Words
Book:   Curious George Visits the Library
             By H.A. Rey & Martha Weston
Toys:   Alphabet Stamps
            Tracing Printouts
            Writing Paper
            Index Cards
            1 Marker

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The kit is easy to use and provides multiple activities that can easily be worked into your regular schedule.  We've worked on a different activity most days, sometimes two or more, depending on if my daughter was up for it.  A bonus I enjoy is these kits encourage you to spend quality time with your kids while educating them.  

It suggests to take breaks if necessary.  There's plenty of activities to do but as long as you choose only a couple a day, your child won't feel overwhelmed.  The main focus is for her to learn through interaction while still having fun!

Preschool, Parenting, Teaching Kids

Preschool, Teaching, Parenting

One of the activities she did, shown in the photo above, is to trace the alphabet on the laminated sheet with the washable marker that came with the kit; afterward, she wrote out the letters herself on another paper, and stamped the letters using the stamps to correspond with the letters she just wrote.

I think for this particular kit, the wooden stamps and stamp pad will be the main attraction for the kids! 

Alphabet, Wooden Stamps, Preschool

Hands down, that was my daughter's favorite part of the kit -  the stamps and stamp pad.  She also enjoys building with blocks so making towers with the stamps was one of her favorite activities.  She put towers and bridges on her own, but we also followed the guide to create towers using words, like you can see in the photo below when she copied spelling, "George" from the book.

Wooden Stamps, Preschool, Block Towers

We listened to the CD that is included in the kit, using it to play along with the activities on the cards.  We played games like Musical Alphabet, a game that is similar to Musical Chairs, but she had to find the letter I called out when the music stopped.  We used the wooden stamps to play this game.

We also spelled out simple words using the wooden stamps that she could easily sound out. 

Wooden Stamps, Alphabet, Preschool

She enjoyed listening to the story book included with the kit, "Curious George Visits the Library."  I was impressed that she was able to interpret some of the words in Spanish and translate it to English. An activity card also went along with the book to guide parents to ask the child about the story.  

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Playing the games and writing out the letters really helps your child simultaneously learn Spanish as long as you incorporate it with the lessons.  My daughter started remembering what certain letters and words are in Spanish so it truly works!

You can use this kit for a long time with your child, playing a wide range of games like, "I Spy" and "Word Hunt." 

Curious George Bilingual Book

I appreciate that Kids' Candor believes an essential way for children to develop is through human interaction, playing games, learning with music, educating with toys and teaching kids to be bilingual in the process.

I would recommend these educational kits for any child of preschool age, specifically, if your child is not yet in school. The kits are even made for infants.  It's never too early to start learning and a great idea to start young when learning another language!

The first subscription is currently half off and you can cancel anytime. To receive 50% off the first box, use the discount code: KC50.

Which kit would you choose for your child?  Share and let us know!

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