Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fun Ways for Kids to Develop Through Play

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

One of my favorite activities I enjoy doing with my kids is playtime. The activities we do, of course, during playtime have changed since they were infants.  We went from playing games like peek-a-boo when they were babies to being more active as they got older with games like hide-and-seek and outdoor play.  It's important to encourage playtime for children, no matter their age since it is a fun way to nurture their cognitive and physical development.  Today, I'm sharing an excellent guide  that suggests different ways you can offer playtime for your toddler.  You can adapt these for older children, too.  

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About this guide: Helping Your Child Develop Through Play

The guide is split up into four sections; language, movement, co-ordination and creative skills. Within which are simple games that don’t require buying much of the way in props. Indeed, for many of these games you could improvise and make your own props should you wish. In every case the most crucial component to your child’s development is you. You will be their best, most interactive and most interesting toy; and your involvement in these games is crucial to their development.
Helping Your Child Develop Through Play

What are some activities you enjoy during playtime with your kids?  Share and let me know, I'd love to hear it!

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