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13 Ways to Live a More Positive Life This Year

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

As the New Year continues to unfold, I want to remind everyone that being positive goes a long way. Surrounding yourself around positive experiences pushes you even further, something that the famous female author, Maya Angelou, once said and I believe to be true: 

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Live a More Positive Life

Many of us have set goals at the beginning of this year that we feel will ultimately improve our lives and the person we are.  An important foundation for reaching our goals are to have positive experiences and lead a positive life.  

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Here are some suggestions to help you:

First, try your best to have a positive outlook
Often times, just thinking positive can have astounding effects on a person.  Make it a habit to have optimistic thoughts when you first wake up and again when you go to bed.

Surround yourself around positive, like-minded people
You feel more optimistic when the group of people you interact with are uplifting and they offer words and acts of encouragement.

Keep the toxic people out of your life
This goes along with the above suggestion - keep those negative nay-sayers away as much as possible.  Sure, you cannot always control who you are around but when you can, avoid being near people who may not be adding anything uplifting to your life or who may not share or agree with your goals.

That is not to say you can never be around anyone that disagrees with you.  You can, of course, be around people and get along fine with those who don't share your same goals but it's those few who intentionally put you or your goals down that you do not need to entertain.

Read positive books, articles and quotes
Visually look at positive words daily.  Start your day off with reading motivating words.  Think about placing encouraging words in photo frames or posters or even jot them down on sticky notes on your desk. 

Start your day or end your day with a meditation.  Close yourself off from others in a room or wherever you can for a short time while you do this.  If you are alone, you may even want to add this in after or before a workout.  Take time to reflect on your goals or clear your mind and just focus on your breathing and the silence around you for a few moments. 

Reward Yourself
Whenever you do accomplish something, no matter how small, find a way to reward yourself.  Consider writing out a list of rewards or make coupons for yourself to use in order to motivate you to reach your goals.  

Focus on the Good Things and Be Thankful
Many times we tend to focus or point out the negative things in our life and brush aside those positive things that seem little to us because we are not where we want to be (yet).  Praise what is going well and take time to celebrate all the things you are grateful for in your life right now.  There is some good there that is happening whether you see it or not, I'm sure of it!

Check in with Yourself
Set a weekly or monthly time to check in with yourself on what you need to get done and what you have achieved.  Give yourself a time frame for each of your goals.  This can help you realize the reality of how long it may actually take to accomplish something on your list and you can make the necessary changes if you are not content with the progress.

When you do reach your goal, don't be shy to celebrate it and share the good news or treat yourself out.  You put a lot of effort into it so the end result deserves to be acknowledged.

Have a Laugh
"Laughter is the best medicine."  How true that is!  I once heard that when a person merely thinks about watching a comedy show or movie, it instantly removes some stress and shoots the happy feelings into our brain.

I'm sure there is some truth to that.  We all have bad days and bad moments.  Take some time to watch something that you find hilarious to bring positive vibes back to your life.

Help Others
Helping others is a great way to lead a positive, fulfilled life.  There are several ways to help others including volunteering, helping with charity, offering a hand to a fellow parent or co-worker. 

Pray/Reach Out to Your Faith
If you are a spiritual person, praying is a wonderful way to have a more positive attitude.  Read scriptures, visit your church or place of service and consider helping out with events at your local church.

Do Something That Makes You Happy and Do It Often
A big part of living a positive life is doing things that genuinely make you happy.  We all have several things on our plate that we don't necessarily jump for joy about doing - you know the one - obligations!

Although it may not always look like it, we really do have a choice about doing activities that make us happy.

Sadly, many of us tend to place these on the back burner.  Consider taking up a hobby that you have been wanting to do and finding time in your schedule to do it or if you enjoy activities like getting pampered, add that to your schedule on a regular basis instead of once a year.

What are some suggestions you have for living a more positive life?

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