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DIY Holiday Light Bulb Ornaments

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Can you believe we only have 21 more days until Christmas??  We have started our Christmas decorating in our home this week.  While rummaging through storage bins of holiday decorations, I stumbled upon these clear ornaments shaped like light bulbs and decided to use them for this month's #TBC Crafters Craft Hop.  My daughter loves helping with anything to do with arts and crafts so she had a hand in making these.  I wanted to make something that didn't require a lot of time (or stress or energy) since I already have my schedule and hands full this month, like I'm sure many of you do!

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To keep it quick and easy and with as little mess (as possible with a 4 year old), I went with just simply using glitter we had left over from our fall projects like these pumpkins and these reused bottles.  We did squeeze some of that gold glitter glue for one of the ornaments since my little girl was persistent on using it.

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I didn't want to use any sort of paint or glue like I originally wanted when I bought these from the craft store.  I was going to make some marbled ornaments with paint but maybe another time if I pick up more clear ornaments. 

These were actually meant for Easter which is why they are shaped like eggs.  I figured they could make some nice, glowy, sparkly looking holiday light bulbs instead!  Since these may be harder to find right now, you could use the round, clear ornaments that are available in most of the craft stores during this holiday season.

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  • Clear ornaments
  • Glitter, silver and gold
  • Sequins and beads or buttons, etc., if you want to fill the ornaments
  • Ribbon to hang the ornaments or to use to make a garland
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper to catch the mess

We started with popping off the tops of the ornaments, spread out the glitter on newspaper and tissue wrap paper along with the sequins and faux pearls that I cut apart.

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Simply grab some glitter and place inside the ornaments, then swirl around to let it spread throughout the ornaments.  No glue needed since the glitter just sticks right to the plastic.

After they were all opened, I just let my daughter dig in and "get to work!"

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The glitter was so soft.  Adding in the sequins and faux pearls was easy peasy and fun!

We placed the tops back on the ornaments and my daughter just wanted to play with them.  She enjoyed shaking all the glitter around.

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 After we finished filling all the ornaments, I wanted to see what it looked like if I looped a thin, white ribbon through them to make it a garland for the wall.

New Years Decor, 2016, Christmas 
After doing so, I decided it looked more like decor for New Years which is a good idea if you need some New Years inspiration.

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You can cut smaller pieces of the ribbon and attach it to the ornaments to hang on the tree.  You can also add small bows or wider, wire ribbon to the top of the ornament to look more festive which is my daughter's suggestion.  I love how they look like giant light bulbs.

Have you put your tree up yet or started any Christmas decorating?

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