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Brains: A Trivia Adventure Family Mobile App

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

There are a swamp of mobile game apps on the market today, making it difficult at times to navigate which are kid-friendly.  To save you some trouble of finding a good one that is safe to use for the whole family, I'm sharing this mobile app game, "Brains: A Trivia Adventure" by Sneaky Brunos Games. My son and myself have recently played it.  It's free, educational and fun, a great game to play by yourself or as a family since you can help each other answer the questions.

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Many parents are concerned with what their kids are playing, including myself; in response, Sneaky Brunos Games developed this family-friendly trivia game to offer a game that enriches the focus of family and determination combined with the importance of knowledge and education.  It hones the children's skills for concepts such as math and science but also includes more fun based interests kids are attracted to like Disney and fashion. 

About Brains: A Trivia Adventure

The primary target are for children, parents and trivia lovers.  Brains is an adventure trivia game that revolves around the Brain family and their trials.  Players join the family in a compelling story and enjoy an entertaining game with thousands of trivia challenges in the topics of music, pop culture, movies, math, science, history, sports, geography and more.

The game celebrates the concept of family, loyalty, friendship, determination and knowledge which I love and I believe many families will appreciate, as well.

Here are some of the Game Features:

  • Over 180 stages across 16 worlds
  • 4 playable characters: Bhavna (sister), Ben (brother), Bastet (cat), Bruno (dog)
  • Digital comics and secret ending
  • Optional Facebook sign up to compete with friends
  • Earn Bruno points to collect stars and unlock more features
  • Face up to 32 original villains

The game is available for FREE on iOS and Android.

About The Sneaky Bruno Company

The Sneaky Bruno Games Incorporated is an aspiring mobile game company headquartered in Philippines. We're small and new to the industry but we are driven by imagination, passion and the positive attitude to dream that our gaming ideas could someday be compared to some of video game history's best.

The company began in Thailand from the imagination of a person who one day decided to focus his time and efforts on a childhood hobby. He converted his small studio to a make shift office and used leftover computer equipment, some savings and the companionship of a dog to begin a giant project he originally planned to take on by himself. He poured all of his money, knowledge and talent in to the project but eventually sought after the support of great individuals who had similar aspirations. Today, that one person and his dog are backed up by extremely successful individuals consisting of a PhD holder, a medical doctor, and business magnates involved in creative media, real estate, construction, etc. The combined efforts of these individuals allowed The Sneaky Bruno Games Incorporated to become a reality and Philippines was later chosen as the base of operations.

Read more to learn about the company and their inspiration.

Our Family Experience with Brains: A Trivia Adventure

My son was excited to play this game when I told him about it.  He enjoyed the constant flow of the humming music in the background while playingHe also liked the vibrant colors of the game.  

He did find the game challenging as far as many of the trivia questions but that only pushed him to be more persistent in answering correctly.  He ended up asking me to help him with the questions whenever I had time to play with him.  It was a nice way to connect and spend quality time together, something that will benefit both parents and kids.  

There is a time limit to answer the questions which my son found frustrating but he understood that it made the game more exciting.  The pressure was on to quickly answer!  It keeps you on your toes, perfect for us parents who need to keep our minds sharp, too. 

I also appreciate that this game influenced my son to do research about some of the questions. He became interested in learning more facts and expanding what he just answered.  He wanted to see real images for the answers like when he had to answer trivia about different animals. 

This would be a fun game to play while kids are traveling, too.  This is a good idea for an activity while kids are on Christmas break!

See more about the game on their website, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram

What are some of your favorite kid-friendly mobile apps?

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