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The Next Big Thing: Board Game for Entrepreneurship

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Do you like playing board games?  It is one of our favorite indoor family activities to do especially at night or when it is raining or too cold to play outside.  If you enjoy board games or know someone who does or maybe know someone who wants to pursue entrepreneurship, then check out this upcoming board game!  I am happy to share with you a new game called, "The Next Big Thing: The Game of Entrepreneurship."  It is the #1 board game for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists whether you are an entrepreneur or not. 

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About The Next Big Thing: The Game of Entrepreneurship

This game is recommended for ages 12 and up.  You will need 2-6 players and about 45 minutes to 2 hours to play the game.  Players take on the role of start up founders to launch "the next big thing" that will change the world and will eventually make them millions or potentially billions of dollars.  Players will use their initial savings, build a viable product, an office, a team and gain customers.  The game will allow players to experience the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and can take an accelerator path or a detour with a pivot path.

Players will raise capital from investors, increase their company's value and see their founder's equity get diluted. At the end of the game, players will decide the best way to "cash out" to receive the most amount of money.  Player with highest Founder's value wins!

Why I Believe You'll Love "The Next Big Thing":

  • You will have lots of fun playing the game
  • You can learn about entrepreneurship and venture capital
  • The game is a safe way to experience the good and bad of starting and building a company
  • Playing the game is a great way to bond and connect as a family or with friends
  • This game has received wide support from the venture capital and entrepreneur community

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About the Game Creators

The board game was created by J. Skyler (Sky) Fernandes and Jenna Dreher Fernandes, a husband and wife team.  "The Next Big Thing" board game was inspired by their two favorite board games, "The Game of Life" and "Monopoly."  Jenna is a serial entrepreneur and was named one of the top 10 female tech CEOs by Women 2.0 and has written articles on entrepreneurship.  Sky is a top-ranked Venture Capitalist and founder of the largest venture group focused on retail technology and e-commerce.  

The kickstarter campaign for "The Next Big Thing" that is currently running will raise funds for mass production of the game.  

Creative options for pre-buying the game include:

  • Meetings with the board game founders and venture capitalists to pitch your idea or ask questions about entrepreneurship and venture capital
  • A free Udemy course on creating. "The Best VC Pitch Deck"
  • Custom created "Founder Cards" 
  • Preview Board Game Party in NYC with 5 of your friends
  • Dinner with the founders

Wow, that all sounds amazing and such a fun experience!

To watch the video about the game, read more about the creators and how to help out with this project and pre-order, visit "The Next Big Thing"

You can follow "The Next Big Thing" on Facebook and Twitter.

This is a game my kids would love to play if they were old enough.  They're definitely interested in being entrepreneurs which I think is great for kids to pursue.  They already love playing board games and enjoy "Monopoly."  My daughter (who was only 3 at the time), beat all of us pretty bad one night while playing! She made a lot of good investment decisions during that game!

Is this a game you would be interested in playing?  What are your favorite board games?

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