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Legoland FL Review & Travel Tips: Part 1

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Does your child enjoy Lego toys?  My kids love playing with them especially Lego Star Wars and the Chima collection.  Therefore, we have been wanting to take them to Legoland near us in Orlando, Florida this year.  We finally visited the theme park a couple weekends ago.  It was perfect since my sister, nephew and parents were able to go, too.  Here are a few photos and travel tips I'm sharing with you if you decide to go, as well.  This is Part 1 of our trip since there are plenty more photos and tips to share with you all from our experience. 

Family Vacation, Orlando

Travel Tips When Visiting LEGOLAND, FL

On any family trip with young kids, particularly to a theme park where you will be there for several hours, preparation is key.  This doesn't mean, however, that tantrums (from both kids and adults) are avoidable!  Like my father always says, "Expect the unexpected."  Preparation, however, does go a long way.  The more you are prepared, there are better chances to have a smooth, successful and enjoyable outing.

Family Vacation, Kids


Part of preparation for any trip and the most important thing to remember is safety.  Teach your kids about staying safe at all times.  Go over your names, phone numbers and safety rules.  Prep with any medicine bands you may need, wrist bands or tags with your name/number for kids who cannot learn it, etc.  Remind kids to stay by your side at all times.  Read this post for more tips on safety.
This is another post to prevent missing kids, too.

Once you enter the Legoland entrance, there is a designated area for kids and parents to meet if you do lose each other.  Be sure to show that area to your kids along with the entrance.  Remind them to never leave the park with a stranger.  For more tips on staying safe and being prepared, read this post.


Do your homework

Research the attractions, shows, rides, etc.  This goes for any theme park but it is always nice to know ahead of time what to expect and to try to hit up the spots and watch any shows that you know your child will be interested in.

It is also a good idea to see the dining options so that you know where your best options are to buy lunch and snacks that your child will prefer.  Don't forget about any food allergies. There is contact information on their site to discuss any dietary concerns.

Don't forget to check the hours of operation of the park, parking fees, stroller rentals, etc.  The parking fee at the time we went was $17 per vehicle ($15 if bought online).  During specific periods, the park is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for park maintenance. 

Suggestions on Items to Bring on Your Visit to Legoland FL


  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottles - during our visit, we were able to bring this in
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Swim suits for kids because they will want to get in the water and splash parks.  Also, bathing suits for yourself, particularly if  you're going to the actual water park (I would suggest you wait to go there after walking around the theme park).
  • Extra clothes for kids - there's plenty of chances for them to get wet
  • Towels if you want to dry off after - we went during the hot season so for us, it felt good to air dry as we walked
  • Flip flops/sandals - this may be easier if you don't want to keep taking off socks and sneakers after getting wet
  • Fully charged cell phone and camera along with a travel charger
  • Stroller especially if bringing small children and it's great to utilize to carry everything
  • Battery-operated fan
  • Small misting bottle filled with water to help you stay cool

Heartlake City

Heartlake City is the newest land in the park.  My daughter adores the LEGO Friends Heartlake City collection so we knew this was one of the first places to head to at the theme park.  It appeals to her because of the female characters and they have the colors pink and purple.

Heartlake City, Vacation, Family

Heartlake Stepping Stones Fountain

My daughter loved this fountain.  Step on each stone in front of a musical instrument and it will play music while the water spouts out.

Heartlake City Stepping Stones Fountain

Heartlake City Stepping Stones Fountain

Heartlake Mall

This was taken inside Heartlake Mall, the store targeted toward girl shoppers.

This greenery was beautiful!

Heartlake City, Family Vacation

Mia's Riding Adventure 

This ride actually looked terrifying to me.  There was no way I was getting on it.  My hubby and son rode it (my nephew and daughter did not meet the height requirements).  My hubby confirmed that it was terrifying when he was back on the ground.  My son said he kept going back and forth whether it was scary or fun.

Heartlake City, Mia's Riding Adventure
Mia's Riding Adventure Ride, Heartlake City
 Heartlake City, Mia's Riding Adventure

Food/Drinks: Dining at LEGOLAND

I believe you may be able to bring in snacks/drinks for those with dietary concerns.  Check ahead before going just to be sure.  You can bring in formula and infant food for babies. Like I said earlier, we were also able to bring in water bottles.  There are plenty of dining options to buy snacks, lunch, drinks and sweets.


We bought lunch at Castle Burger when we were in the Kingdoms area.  However, I did wish we waited until we reached other dining options like Robot Pit Stop because they had hot dogs which my daughter would have preferred. 

Kingdom, Kids, Vacation 

Luckily, both kids and adults are able to purchase the kids' meal at Castle Burger (it was $5.99 at the time we went).  The meal included: hamburger, fries, a pouch of apple sauce and a drink (water bottle, white/chocolate milk or a fountain drink).  

This meal was perfect for my son and nephew.  For a hungry adult, however, this meal may not satisfy you.  (I  know, I know, after all, it was a kids' meal).  If you are a fan of pizza and pasta, you may want to consider taking time to visit Fun Town Pizza and Pasta Buffet to get your money's worth if you are super hungry!

All of us purchased our own kids' meal except for my daughter who doesn't eat burgers. That is why she had to be placed down here...

 I kid, I kid ;)

Kingdom, Family, Vacation

The Dragon 

The Dragon is a roller coaster ride located in Kingdoms.  This one had one of the longest lines to wait in.  I decided to skip this ride because my little girl (who was 3 at the time) did not meet the height requirement to ride it and I think she would have been frightened on this rideTo be honest, I was not too thrilled about the long wait ...or riding this one either - I'm not a big fan of roller coasters! 

The Dragon, Kingdoms

Instead, Merlin's Challenge ride, which is meant for younger children, was right across from it (well-played, LEGOLAND)!  We rode that one together while my hubby, son and nephew waited in line for The Dragon.  It worked out well because Merlin's Challenge wait time was only a about five minutes each time and we were able to go on it three times!


World of Chima

World of Chima is where my son and nephew were excited to head to since they like playing with the LEGO Chima toys.  We went here before Kingdoms.  The ride, The Quest for Chi, was located here and it was a great way to cool off since you do get soaked on this one - you have been warned! 

World of Chima, Kids, Vacation

We rode this ride at the beginning of our day in LEGOLAND and again before we left.  The line both times were very short, about a five minute wait.  There is also another splash park located here - Cragger's Swamp.  The kids played there before we left to help cool them down.  Like I mentioned, there are plenty of opportunities to get wet!

DUPLO Valley

DUPLO Valley is perfect for the really small children visiting the theme park.  There's small rides like the train ride.  There is also Tot Spot and DUPLO Farm.  These are play areas that have slides, blocks and play houses.  DUPLO Splash and Play is located here so be sure to bring swim suits, towels, flip flops/sandals and extra clothes.

Duplo Valley, Kids, TravelDuplo Valley, Toddler Indoor Play Area

DUPLO Valley, Toddler Indoor Play Area

DUPLO Valley, Tot Spot, Indoor Play

DUPLO Valley, Tot Spot, Indoor Play

DUPLO Valley is where we went to take a break and cool off.  Another bonus is that there is a nursing and changing area at the Baby Care Center for anyone with infants.  Here is a video with more details about DUPLO Valley:


Shopping at LEGOLAND


There are many different stores located throughout the park to buy toys and souvenirs.  My daughter bought a personalized LEGOLAND necklace with her name on it from Heartlake Mall.

Heartlake Mall, Legoland Necklace, Souvenir

My son bought a Ninjago toy from The Big Shop.  The Big Shop, located in The Beginning and LEGO Studio Store located in Fun Town are where my son and nephew browsed for a long time since this is where toys and items were from The LEGO Movie, LEGO Ninjago and LEGO Star Wars.

Overall, LEGOLAND is a great experience for kids who are younger.  The recommended age is 12 and under.  I recommend going here while your kids are 4 and above because at the age of 4, they will probably meet many of the height requirements to be able to go on most of the rides.  My daughter was a few days shy of turning 4 so unfortunately, she was only a mark away from being tall enough for some of the things she wanted to do. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our LEGOLAND experience!

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