Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Creative Halloween Non-Candy Treats

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Halloween is right around the corner this coming Saturday.  Are you ready for the little ghouls, goblins and fairies and princesses?  Do you need non-candy alternatives to pass out to your child's class?  Candy is what sells this month and what kids (and many adults) are thrilled about when it comes to Halloween.  If you want another option to sweet treats, however, there are several creative ideas out there instead of handing out candy.  I have a love affair with Pinterest and rounded up some cute, fun ideas below!  

Allergy-Free, Sugar-Free Treats

Allergy-Free and Sugar-Free Treat Alternatives

Some children have allergies or certain food they cannot eat that candy may contain.  Whatever the reason you are trying keep the candy at bay this year, here are some fun ideas without the sweets.

Consider passing out school supplies, particularly if your child is handing these out for class. Make it fun by adding a spark of spooky or cute Halloween touches to it.  Here is an easy but fun idea to try:

45+ Halloween Kids Crafts

Bring on the bubbles!  This would work well with the tiny tots.  You can't go wrong with bubbles, right?  No matter the age, bubbles bring out the kid in all of us and isn't that the most important part of Halloween?  Dress up those cute bubbles with some bubbly Halloween printables like these:

The Event Group | Pittsburgh | Halloween Decorations for Kids | http://www.eventgroupweddings.com/2014/10/halloween-fun-for-the-kids/

Every one also loves glow sticks, perfect for night time fun:

Glow sticks for Halloween treats! I love the idea of giving out something non-candy! And it would keep my husband out of the candy too!:

How about these silly and not so spooky ideas?

Printable Halloween goodie bag toppers, and some neat ideas for "tricks" instead of treats.:

Here are more other creative options to Halloween candy:

East Coast Mommy: Non-candy Halloween Treat Idea with FREE Printable {Mazes}:  

 I was surprised how many of these non-candy Halloween toys would be cheaper than candy. I'm not anti-candy, but these seem WAY more fun to hand out at Halloween:

 Candy Free Halloween. DIY Halloween Bead + String Gifts.:

Everyone can use a toothbrush:

Halloween Toothbrushes - Great non-candy treat for school parties!

My kids have already received a ton of candy in the past couple weeks and Halloween isn't even here yet! 

What are you giving out to children this year?


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