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DIY Fall Recycled Bottle Decor {#TBC Crafters}

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Easy Fall Decor Using Recycled Bottles

Now that it is September, we're getting ready for the fall season around here.  This week, my daughter and I worked on a fun, fall project together by recycling some beer bottles.  We had plenty of glitter, sequins and some fall leaves lying around the house.  We decided to reuse the bottles by dipping them in fall-colored fine glitter.  We added sequins around the neck of the bottle to add more shine and glitz!  My daughter is in love with anything that sparkles so a lot of our crafts lately include splatters of glitter!  Try out this fun project yourself and check out all the other crafts fellow bloggers worked on recently in the craft hop below.

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How to Recycle Bottles for Fall Vases

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What You Need:

  • Glass bottles
  • Glitter
  • Sequins
  • Tacky Glue
  • Aluminum foil, parchment paper or wax paper
  • Artificial fall stemmed leaves or other autumn flowers to place inside bottles

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 Start with cleaning bottles and removing any labels.  I washed the bottles after removing the labels but did not remove the stickiness from where the labels were and that worked out well since it made it easier for the glitter to stick onto the bottle.

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Spread out aluminum foil, wax or parchment paper and lay out the glitter.  (I found these packs of glitter from the Dollar Store).  If you want an ombre effect, lay the colors out right next to each other in the order you want the colors to appear on the bottle.

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I used Tacky Glue and spread it on the bottom of the bottle.  Since I did not remove the stick part of the middle of the bottle where the label was, the glitter easily rolled on and stayed put without needing to add glue.  
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The next part is the "Super fun part" according to my little girl.  Roll the bottle up and down in the glitter to achieve the look you want.

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We decided to use the sequins we had left over from a previous fall project.  We placed Tacky glue on the neck of the bottle and began placing sequins around it.  

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Allow bottles to dry for a few hours.  You can use these bottles as little vases or just to stand alone on top of counter, mantle or maybe as table decor.  You can even place autumn-colored candlesticks in them.
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You may want to lay out newspapers to surround your work area for this to keep the glitter from going everywhere! 

Are you working on any fall craft projects?  Don't forget to check out the other links below to this month's TBC Crafters Craft Hop!

Happy crafting!

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