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Tips to Ease Back to School Fears

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Moving to a New School

It's time for back to school!  For many students, the thought of returning to school can make kids nervous and anxious but also excited for the new school year.  We moved this summer and that meant our son had to switch schools, adding on even more anxiety.  I'm not surprised that he has told me he feels scared and nervous about attending a new school and making new friends. I've been trying different ways to ease his fears about leaving his old school behind.  If you are in the same boat, here are some tips that we tried that may help your child with new school year jitters.

When I was my son's age, my family also moved.  It was in this same city, too but I still landed in a different school district.  I ended up having to switch schools but for me, it was in the middle of the school year.  At the time, I don't remember thinking about it much.  I remember my old teacher talked to me about the move and transitioning to a new class but I was more excited about moving into a new house!

Not every child will be as excited.  Moving can be emotional and overwhelming for both children and adults. If your child is experiencing some fears about making the move and navigating a new school, hopefully, the tips below can help.

Here are Some Ways You Can Help Your Child Cope with the New School Year Fears



  • Let him know what is happening; that he will be going to a different school and making new friends.   The sooner you do, the better.  It gives him more time to process it all. 
  • Listen to him and let him know he can speak openly about how he feels especially if he is sad or upset about moving or switching schools.
  • Tell him that you acknowledge and understand his feelings about going to a new school.
  • Share with him your experience, if you have any, about going to a new school and/or moving when you were a child or even as an adult. 
  • Read books and watch family-friendly movies with positive experiences about moving and the first day of school.
  • Show him the school's website, photos and positive reviews from other parents and students.
  • Go to orientation together and visit the school before the first day of the school year.  Have him meet the teacher and tour the school.
  • Ask him if he has any questions for his new teacher whether it be about the class or anything about the school.
  • Research the school's history and any previous fun events that he can also look forward to experiencing there.
  • Discuss how he will be dropped off in the morning and the routine for leaving school.
  • Visit the new neighborhood and house with him before the move.  Show him new places that are kid-friendly around the area.
  • Encourage him to be open to meeting the new neighbors especially if they have children the same age as him.
  • Go school shopping together.  Let him pick out some of his school supplies and some of his new clothes and shoes.
  • Get a new haircut.  A new look can help him boost his confidence!
  • Have a special dinner with his favorite meal the night before to celebrate back to school.  We made a dinner like this for our son last school year when he was entering first grade to get him excited about the first day of school. 
  • To help him cope or be better prepared, I also thought it would be a good idea to have him write down his worries about a new school, along with what he is excited to experience this upcoming school year. 

What are some tips you have to help kids get over their school year anxieties? If you enjoyed this post, please pin it and/or share!

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