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Children's Book: Evolutionary Tales

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Evolutionary Tales: A Child's First Book on Evolution

The hectic days of back to school schedules are in full swing around here.  One thing that remains constant, however, no matter if school is in session or not is reading in our house.  We love books and it is part of our daily routine to look forward to reading a couple books a day especially before bedtime.  Books are educational and fun, allowing us to escape and go on an adventure without leaving the house!  That is what I love about this new book on Kickstarter called, "Evolutionary Tales: A Child's First Book on Evolution" written by Matt Cubberly and illustrated with beautiful, colorful pictures by May Villani.  The book is perfect for children ages 3-12 but it looks like a book enjoyable for adults, too.  I can already see there's plenty of information in the books that I would enjoy reading!

Educational, Science, Nature

About the Book, "Evolutionary Tales"

Animals, Kids Gifts, Books

The book is a compilation of 10 different tales, each one focusing on a different beast or critter.  Every story is told through a lively poem written around a specific niche, taking the child onto an adventure on land, into the depths of the ocean or in the sky.  The art work is beautifully done and is completely finished, as well, ready to go to printing.

I admire how the art work captures the wild creatures beautifully to accompany each of the tales, drawing the reader further into the exciting adventure!

Inside the Book, There's an Adventure for Every Kid to Enjoy

I think it is great that there's so many various creatures in the book, something every kid will find fascinating to learn about like the Angler Fish below...

Angler Fish, Ocean, Animals 

.which is great for children who enjoy adventures under the sea...

Birds of Paradise, Animals, Nature 

or these beautiful Birds of Paradise for those children who enjoy learning about all kinds of birds...

A beetle that sprays acid, nature 

or this beetle that apparently sprays acid.  (Yikes!)
Tarsier, animals, wildlife 
Then, there is this adorable animal, the Tarsier, appealing to kids like my daughter who finds anything with large eyes intriguing and "awww so cuuute" in her words.

Doesn't this book sounds fun and exciting?  I know it's something my kids would love to read and they would learn so much while feeling they are going on a fun adventure.  

Here are more details about the book:

  • 9 x 8.25 ( Landscape-oriented )
  • Softcover  (with Hardcover as one of the STRETCH GOALS!)
  • 24 pages
  • 10 full-color illustrations
I found out about this book on short notice but wanted to share it because it is something that I know many of you would be interested in learning about and you may have children in your lives who would love to have this book.  

Children's Gift Idea

The campaign on Kickstarter ends August 21, 2015 and printing is due to begin September 7th so that the books can be delivered to backers by November 9th, making them an amazing idea to give as Christmas gifts.

You can also read about the author, Matt Cuberly's bio at the link and check out information about his previous book, "Charlotte, Wander On" along with the illustrator's bio in the same link, as well.

Make sure to check out all the details about the book and campaign on Kickstarter where there is also a short video explaining the book.

Does this sound like a book your children would read? What's your child's favorite critter to read about?

Happy reading!

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