Monday, August 17, 2015

Back to School Thoughts by a 2nd Grader

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles
Guest writer, Brody Nettles

Back to School in Second Grade

The summer is winding down and it's back to school for my son today!  I can't believe it is his first day in second grade.  The time has certainly zipped right by us!  As we get back in the groove with our school days, I know our days will continue to be busy and even busier!  I thought it would be a great idea to recruit a special guest writer to contribute posts to keep things fresh around the site.  It is someone near and dear to my heart, my own son, Mr. Brody!  Today's post is about how he feels about going to a new school since we just moved.  It is an exercise I had him do over the summer to help ease his anxiety and worries about switching schools.  

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First Guest Post by My 7 Year-Old

Here are his thoughts and his first post he is sharing with us!

Thoughts from a 7 year old:

We moved this summer so I have to go to a new school.  These are the things I am anxious and a little afraid of about a new school:

I am sometimes scared to get an "F."
I am a little scared to meet new friends.

These are the things I am excited about at my new school:

I am happy because I am going to meet new friends.  I am also going to be sad.  But I'm still happy.  I am so happy we are going to do math and science.  Then, I am going to wonder who is my teacher. 

Then, after I am happy to go to the water park.  My Mom is going to the fitness center.

Thank you, Brody, for your thoughts!  He loves writing and reading...sounds like someone I know. ;)  I think this exercise helped him a lot and we were able to discuss it after he wrote it down.  He has never received an "F" but it is good to know that is one of his fears so we can help him not have so  many doubts about it.

Good luck to your little ones if they are off to school and to you, fellow parents!

You can find these free first day of school printables shown in the photo above for varying grades at Jacksonville Moms Blog site.  I ran out of colored ink so mine is in black and white but they look even better colored!

Back to School Printable

What are your kids nervous about for the first day of school?  How about you?

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