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Maven Women's Healthcare Mobile App

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Convenient Women's Health App

How many times have you had a question about an ailment or a medical concern that you did not think required a visit to the doctor or emergency room?  I remember when I was pregnant, I had several questions the whole pregnancy and now as a mom, when my kids are not feeling well, I have questions but am not always sure if a physical doctor's visit is necessary. I do know that reaching out to "Doctor Google" is not the best idea either! Fortunately, I know am not the only one who feels this way.  I believe many of my fellow moms and women in general feel the same and that is why I am happy to share this new app called, Maven, that makes it easily accessible for you to reach healthcare professionals without leaving home.

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Skip the Waiting Room by Using Maven

Maven is a health app founded by CEO Katherine Ryder that focuses on women's health including issues related to fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care.  Maven is currently available through iOS.  They are expecting it to be available on the web and for android systems in the near future.  

More Info About Kate

Maven CEO Katherine Ryder was inspired to start Maven after she saw first-hand the lack of support around women’s health questions and issues, specifically during pregnancy. Before founding Maven, Katherine was a journalist for The Economist and The New Yorker and an early-stage VC at Index Ventures. 

How Maven Works

  1. You can ask a question in their free forum.  If you would like an appointment, you start off by informing them what kind of care you need.  
  2. Decide which provider you want, based on their recommendations for your needs.
  3. Then, book a video appointment.  
  4. You can make a follow up appointment whenever you like along with receiving appointment notes from your provider.  

Find out more about how Maven works here.

How Much Maven Costs

There is no cost to download the app.  Using the forum to ask questions is free.  Video appointments start at the low price of $18.  Appointments can be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.  The cost depends on the type of healthcare professional you speak with along with the length of appointment.  They do not currently accept insurance at this time but there prices are affordable, making it competitive with most co-pays and insurance rates.  

Convenient Consultations

I love the idea of not having to leave home or miss time from work by scheduling a long doctor visit to a physical location if it is not necessary which is an incredible reason in itself to give this app a try!


Here a few other points to highlight about Maven that you'll love:

  • There are no hidden fees, no dues, no surcharges, no co-pay, no deductible. 
  • Maven allows you to keep your records and notes from practitioners in one convenient place — your pocket.  After all, isn't that where we keep everything else nowadays?
  • Depending on your state's regulations, you can receive prescriptions from Maven.

Of course, a big plus is that you can keep your pajamas on while consulting a medical professional! Also, you can eliminate the added stress of getting the kids out of the house and not have to worry about keeping them entertained while waiting at the doctor's office.

To see more info about this mobile healthcare app, don't forget to visit the Maven website. You can also visit and follow Maven on via social media:

This is NOT a sponsored post but I was provided a code to use to review the app and to offer you all a code to use, as well.  All opinions are my own.  I believe this is a wonderful app that many other women would be interested in learning more about. I know I was!  Therefore, I was happy to share it with you all.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear it or your experience with any healthcare apps like this.  

Have you heard of Maven and would you be willing to give it a try?  If you are interested in using Maven, use this special code: BIS4MAVEN

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