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Setting Up Your House to Tackle Potty Training

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles
Guest writer by, Kaitlin Krull

Kids and Potty Training

I remember when our son was potty training.  The transition took more time and he had a few fears like not wanting to sit on his potty when it was time for a number two!  I also remember when our daughter was potty training.  It went more smoothly and she got it down much faster and at a younger age.  We used different and similar methods to help them both and it could have been various factors which caused one to potty train faster than the other.  I think an important way to help with potty training is to prepare your home for the process.  If you are a parent going through potty training with your child or know someone who is or will be in the future, I am happy to bring you today's guest post that offers helpful tips to set up your house for potty training.

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Setting Up Your House to Tackle Potty Training

Guest Post by, Kaitlin Krull

Potty training is one of the hardest transitions your family will have to face in the first few years. Just when you think you and your children have the situation cracked (pun intended), there are regressions and potty hurdles. Set yourselves, and your home, up for success with these clever potty training tips.


Choose your potties

Every child is different when it comes to potty training. Before you start training in earnest, buy and try out a few different styles of potties and toilet training seats. Some children will prefer to use standalone potties and others would rather use the toilet straight away. The potty market is huge, so do your research and decide which potties will work best for you and your little ones. Once you make your decision, buy more than one potty, or even a few different kinds, to encourage your children to try whenever and wherever possible.

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Set up potty stations

When you are ready, set up your house with potty training stations. Have stools and toilet seats available in all bathrooms. In other rooms, set up potties and tell your children where they will ‘live’, so they know well in advance and whenever they need to use the toilet. Splash mats or cloths are a good idea to help with any accidents and spillages around the stations, but make sure your cleaning supplies are well stocked too, as there will inevitably be at least a few messes to clean up as you go. Don’t forget toilet paper or wipes, some books for light toilet reading, and lots of extra underpants!

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Reward system

Children respond to positive encouragement and praise, so make sure to set up a reward system or chart in the early days of potty training. Every little pee or poop, and even the near misses, should be charted or rewarded in some way. One or two little sweet treats from a jar work wonders to encourage potty use, or stickers and the promise of a larger treat if you prefer. By physically charting their progress, your children will be able to see how far they’ve come and be encouraged to keep trying. 

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Potties to go

When you decide to venture out of the house, remember that potty training doesn’t have to stop. Invest in a travel potty like this one with clever disposable bags for catching the travel time pees and poops (it also converts into a toilet seat, a necessity if your child is scared of falling in the ‘grown up’ toilets at restaurants and malls), or simply take your own potty or toilet seat with you. The travel potties are much more discreet, but I promise that, whichever method you choose, after the first few times, you won’t bat an eyelid when you need to help your child drop their drawers on the side of the road. Make sure your traveling potty kit also includes a spare outfit and a few extra pairs of undies and off you go!

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Being prepared at home is the key to successful potty training, regardless of the methods you choose. By stocking your home with all the potty training essentials, you will be well on your way to a diaper free house. Until the next bundle of joy comes along, that is, so enjoy it while it lasts! For more tips and tricks, head to Modernize.com.

Thank you, Kaitlin for the helpful tips!  Do you have a little one who is potty training or will be soon?  What are some tips that have worked for you when it came to potty training?

Good luck!

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