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Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle #ChobaniKids Project

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Once I had children, I knew that I had to pay more attention to eating and living healthier.  I also knew that a healthy lifestyle began at home but that may not always be easy when our lives get busy.  Eating unhealthy meals or snacks can become a convenience or we give in to that sweet tooth every now and then!  It should be a priority to eat healthy, however and I try to practice that with my children on a regular basis.  I want to encourage other families to do so, too. That is why I am happy to participate in the #ChobaniKids Project so that I can pass along some ideas and tips for healthier living.

Healthier Living with the #ChobaniKids Project

Ideas To Practice Healthier Living With Your Kids

Show, Don't Just Tell

Kids learn from example and parents are the first teachers and role models that they have.  One way we practice living healthy in our home is by showing our kids that healthy living is important to us.

  • Practice what you preach - our kids see us preparing healthy meals at home and they see us enjoying our healthy food.  
  • Do not complain about eating healthy.
  • We show them that we like to try new things (like new vegetables) - Try picking out one new fruit, vegetable or healthy food choice every time you grocery shop.

Allow Kids to Pick Out Their Own Healthy Food 

Speaking of grocery shopping, that is another way we encourage eating healthy in our family - allowing our kids to make their own choices.  Just like with adults, if you let kids participate in the decision-making and show that they have a say, they will be more willing to do something.  

  • When shopping for food, ask your kids what fruits and vegetables they would like to try.  More often than not, when you get home, they will be eager to eat what they chose.  
  • This goes the same for eating at restaurants.  Give the kids a couple choices on what they can choose for their meals, only telling them the healthier options like saying, "Do you want the fruit or broccoli?" instead of mentioning the fries.

Eliminate Unhealthy Food As a Choice

This is not always easy to do since unhealthy food choices are everywhere especially when you are out and don't always have control of it.

  • Try bringing your own food when you are going somewhere whenever that is possible.  For instance, you can do this when you are going to places like the beach, park, pool, planning a picnic.  
  • Store only healthy food in your own home...or at least, keep unhealthy food choices out of sight of the kids!
  • Pack lunch boxes for the kids that contain only healthy food for school, when you are going on long trips or will be out of the house all day.  Put an ice pack inside to keep the food fresh.

Don't Skip Meals and Avoid Sugary Drinks and Snacks

When kids are hungry, they usually start craving salty or sweet snacks and drinks to satisfy their hunger, not to mention that hungry kids equals cranky kids who are not willing to eat the healthy food you want them to eat!  
  • A good way to avoid this is to make sure that they do not skip important meals.  
  • Do not give them drinks high in sugar or else, in the case of my own kids, they will get full before they have something healthy to eat. 

Encourage An Active Lifestyle

As we all know, it is not just eating nutritious food that keeps us healthy but exercising, as well.  Our kids see us working out, walking around the park and participating in races which makes them want to do it, too.  
  • Play with your kids outside when the weather is nice.  
  • Show your kids that you enjoy being active and explain why it is important.
  • Take them to children's play areas or programs designed for kids their age where they can participate in active play.  
  • Sometimes, exercising can seem like a chore because kids are not having fun so find creative ways to add in physical activity that does not seem like physical activity such as walking around at the zoo, walking around the museum or dancing at home!

More Ideas for Healthy Living

  1. Watch movies, TV shows and read books that encourage eating well and exercising. 
  2. Set up a weekly schedule or make it a daily routine to make time even a few minutes a day to be active. 
  3. Eliminate too much TV time or time on the computer, tablet or playing video games so that your kids can do other activities that involve physical movement.  
  4. Play upbeat music that influences dancing when doing chores or if you have to stay indoors.


Include Chobani Greek Yogurt for a Healthier Lifestyle for Kids

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How do you practice a healthy lifestyle with your kids?  Do your kids like Chobani Greek Yogurt?

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