Wednesday, April 1, 2015

National Days in April {Guest Post at BecominNeurotic}

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Guest Post at BecominNeurotic

Hello, April and welcome!  This is one of my favorite months but it's also always a super busy month for us.  Today, I'm kicking off April with a guest post, National Days in April That Will Inspire You, over at BecominNeurotic which is owned by one of my favorite bloggers, Tia.  Tia is a lovely lady who writes inspiring posts while sharing her life with us and the good and tough times she has battling chronic illness, anxiety and depression.  Make sure you head over and say hi to her and read some of her posts!

April, National Days

Hello, April!

Since April is now here, I thought I would share some fun National Days that occur this month at BecominNeurotic that may get you inspired to celebrate or honor those days somehow especially if it's something you enjoy doing like playing pranks on April's Fool's Day or celebrating wear your pajamas to work day :)  So, head on over to BecominNeurotic where I'm hanging out today and see what National Day may inspire you!

What's something you're excited about in the month of April?

Happy April!

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