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Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Decor

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Quick Tips to Brighten Your Decor

Guest Post by Kathy


Spring really is in the air!  I have been spring cleaning and redecorating in my home to go with the season.  How about you?  If you are looking for ideas on how to add some spring touches into your home or just want to change things up to freshen up your decor, particularly in the bedroom, then I have a treat for you!  Kathy is guest posting with us today to share some of her easy ideas to liven up your bedroom. 

Hello! I am Kathy and I am over joyed to be here. Decorating and then sharing with the world is my source of inspiration. You can come by my blog & find more updates on my work. Really thankful to Bernadyn (B) for letting me share my thoughts. You can find me on Facebook.

Beautify Your Bedroom, With Bedspreads & Throws

With the changing seasons it is easy to become dissatisfied with our bedroom decor, as spring blows away all the wintry cobwebs! Here are some quick and easy ways to brighten and refresh your decor.

Stripes AND Patterns

While the thought of mixing patterns with stripes might sound like a great way to overdo your bedroom decor, it is in fact a fairly easy way to achieve a great effect in bedroom decor. The key is to keep your overall colour scheme fairly muted, adding small, distinctive pops of patterning here and a burst of stripes there: all perfectly harmonising with your chosen colour scheme. Once you have seen the charming effect of this unusual combination, you will never go back to just one option!

Colour Pops in bedspreads


As a breathtakingly simple bedroom decor refresh, why not simply change your accent colour? Changing one intense colour for another, and replacing the small touches of the original colour with similar pops of the replacement colour can wreak an immense change in your bedroom, investing it with a new lease of life!

Bright and Breezy Bedspreads and Throws


Invest in several new bedding sets, playing around the theme of your chosen decor scheme. A choice of bedding sets that can be used as units, or mixed and matched according to your mood will give you an immense amount of leeway when it comes to bedroom makeovers! I am very fond of The Yorkshire Linen Company because they offer a huge range of bedspreads & throws in a range of colours and fabrics sure to please even the most discerning home decorator.

Blue Heaven


If in doubt, go blue! Researchers have discovered that being surrounded by blue can have a relaxing effect on people: this is no doubt why we always feel more relaxed and happier when sitting by the sea on a sunny day! Filling your bedroom with shades of blue can help you to relax more, which in turn can help you to sleep better, filling you with energy and making you healthier.

Get A Headboard!


Consider adding a headboard to your bedroom. While this may seem to be a small and insignificant bedroom feature, it can go a long way to giving your bedroom a polished and stylish finish. It also comes in handy for those who like to read or catch up on social media just before bed, providing a comfortable padded rest for your head! I like custom head boards from Headboards Limited because they are bespoke & so friendly with prices.

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Thank you, Kathy for sharing your tips and these beautiful photos with us, it definitely inspires me to find ways to refresh and cheer up my own bedroom.  Don't forget to visit Kathy's blog and Facebook page to connect with her and hear more ideas as she shares DIY projects she works on and other home inspiration.

How will you brighten up your room?  Are there any ideas you would like to share?  I'd love to hear them!

Happy decorating!

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