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DIY Mother's Day Burlap Lace Wreath

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


Easy Mother's Day Wreath

As many of you know, I love wreaths and making them.  I think they are an easy way to add to your home decor.  I recently made this wreath since I had leftover material from a previous project.  I think it will make a sweet wreath idea for Mother's Day with the burlap lace ribbon and red flowers.  It was easy to make and inexpensive.  It can be a pretty decoration idea for your home or to make for your mom to hang in her house.

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How To Make Burlap Lace Wreath


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  • Foam wreath frame (This one is actually one cut in half when I made a snowman wreath)
  • Burlap lace ribbon (I found mine at Dollar Tree but you may be able to find it at another craft store)
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Plain burlap or burlap ribbon
  • Letter stickers or you can use a black marker to write the letters
  • Red flower petals (I used fake red rose petals I already had) or other faux flowers
  • Faux pearl beads or other beads for center of flower 
  • Thin ribbon or twine to hold the banner
Crafts, Home Decor, Mom's Gift


  1. Start with gluing down one end of the burlap ribbon to the backside of the frame.  Wrap it around tightly throughout the whole frame until you reach the starting point and glue it down behind the frame.  Cut off any excess ribbon.
  2. Measure how far you want the wreath to hand down and use some of the ribbon on top to hang the wreath. 
  3. Glue the petals slightly on top of one another to form a flower shape.
  4. Glue down the pearl or bead in the center.
  5. Glue the finished flower on one side of the wreath, near the lower area.
  6. Repeat the process to make a second flower and glue it down slightly on top of the other flower.
  7. Using the plain burlap, cut into triangles to create the banner that says, "Love."
  8. I had letter stickers so I just used that to spell out "Love" or you can write it out freehand with a marker.  
  9. Glue the triangle pieces onto twine or ribbon.
  10. Glue each end of the banner onto the wreath.

Crafts, Home Decor, DIY

I kept this wreath simple with the design and colors to match with most anything in our home to use it year round.

If you are making it for Mother's Day as a gift, consider making your mom's favorite flowers or writing out her name on the banner.

What do you think?  Do you like creating your own wreaths, too?  Share with me your links or photos of wreaths you have made!  I'd love to see them!


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Happy wreath-making!

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