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Birthday Letter and Transformers' Printables

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Transformers Birthday

Last Thursday was my little boy's birthday.  I have one question: Seriously, where does the time go??  It seems like the year passes so quickly and I remember just planning his Lego Star Wars Party last yearThis year, he made it clear that, "It's all about Transformers" so I baked a Transformers cake.  The big difference for him this birthday is that he can read.  He recently read a few of these birthday letters and posts about him in his Brody Files.  He kept saying I was making him cry while he read them.  He told me he loves all the things I wrote.  That made my heart melt and showed me how much writing these are worth it even when life gets so busy.  I now am making it a goal to continue writing him these birthday letters every year so that he can look back on them.  I am so happy he can finally read them himself.

Birthday Letter to My Son

Birthday Letter to My Son {7 Years Old}

Dearest Brody Bear,

You are now seven years old and for some reason, to me that feels so much older than six years old.  Maybe it is because you have accomplished so much in the last year and you have grown so much since your last birthday, mentally and physically.  You are a bright, little boy and there are many times, when I look at you and I can still see your baby face, your toothless smile and the chubby cheeks you used to have when we played my favorite game when you were a baby.  It was called, "make out time."  I used to tell you, "It's make out time!" Then, I would proceed to kiss your face all over until you were giggling out of control.  It was our own special little way to bond and another way to cover your face with Mommy kisses.

Transformers Cake, Dessert, Birthday Boy Cake

I don't remember when I stopped doing it.  It must have been when you could start walking or was it when you began preschool at the age of three or when your sister arrived?  I can't remember but I do miss it.

Birthday Cake, Dessert, Transformers Cake

The biggest difference this birthday is that you can read.  We realized right away that this was a blessing and a little bit of a curse since now we cannot spell out things that we do not want you to understand or know your surprise birthday party we were planning at the restaurant and your surprise birthday morning before you went to school on your birthday.  Reading also makes you more exposed to things that may be inappropriate like the awkward situation for your daddy in this post.

Another big difference, a milestone that is happening this birthday is you are about to lose your first baby tooth.  You actually have three that are waiting to come out.  They have been shaking loose for about a month now.  You do not want to lose them even though their replacements, your adult teeth, are already in, standing behind them and waiting to take their rightful place.  You try to brush them so gently so that you won't knock them out.  

I am sad to see your baby teeth go, too and I do not want to let them go but I know that we must...or else you will end up with four rows of teeth (probably not possible) and a lot of dental hygiene issues!

There are so many memories I have of you from the past seven years.  There are so many events that are crammed into seven years that feels like it all happened so fast.  I can only imagine what the next seven years will bring, all the new memories we will make together to share and cherish.

Current Facts About You:

  •  Favorite Food: pizza, doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, spicy chicken wings (you call it hot chicken), cereal, banana ice cream (it's just frozen banana), celery, lettuce and ranch salad, chips and salsa
  • Favorite toys: Transformers and games - you like playing your Nintendo DS and games on our phones or tablet
  • Favorite TV shows and movies: Transformers, Star Wars, Lego, Teen Titans Go, Uncle Grandpa, Ninjago, Iron Man, Avengers
  • Favorite subject in school: reading

We had a great day with our little birthday boy and went to the beach that weekend to continue his celebration.  

Do you have a Transformers fan?  If so, check out some of the printables below that are available online.  What types of toys, games or shows are your kids into right now if you have a seven year old boy?  I'd love to hear it!

Transformers' Printables 


Here are some Transformers Free Printables resources I found online if you have a Transformers fan, too: 

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