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Your Skin Will Love Six Sassy Sistas

Written by Bernadyn Nettles

Moisturizer by Six Sassy Sistas

Don't you love it when you discover a new product to use that actually works well, does not cost a fortune and is something you are proud to recommend to friends?  As a busy mom of two kids, time and money are two things I take seriously so that is why I love it when I can knock out two birds with one stone.  I like to spend my money and time on things that are worthwhile.  I have a hunch that many of you feel the same.  That is why I am excited to share with you a new product that I tried that is definitely worth your time and money.  This product is all about helping out your skin and since you all have skin, I believe you will be interested in hearing about it!  It is by a brand new company called, Six Sassy Sistas and they have an amazing line of skincare, (moisturizer/body oil) that you will love!

***I only share brands and products that I believe will be of interest and beneficial to you. I was compensated by Six Sassy Sistas to review their product.  All thoughts expressed are my own.  Please read my full Disclosure Policy.***

Six Sassy Sistas Offers TLC For Your Skin

I was contacted by Six Sassy Sistas a few weeks ago to review their product.  When I saw their website, read the history behind the company and researched what they offer, I was thrilled to give it a try.  As the years pass and my skin changes, I notice that my skin has grown a little more dry and can use extra TLC daily.  We all know that the key to keeping our skin and body healthy requires regular maintenance and preventative care.  That is why I am always on the lookout for products that can do that.


Six Sassy Sistas Makes Your Skin Look and Feel Healthy

Six Sassy Sistas offers body oil that will keep your skin moisturized for a long period of time.  After applying it, I feel like I can go through the whole day without the need to reapply any more moisturizer.  This body oil doesn't just make your skin feel healthier but also look healthier. 
I know you are asking, "What makes it so great?"
Nicki at Six Sassy Sistas, explains, "It is full of really good oils for your skin: olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, organic moroccan argan oil. Once you use the oil, you will see a difference in your skin.. and you won't want to take a shower without it. Stop using chemical filled products and spoil your skin..

Six Sassy Sistas Scents

Let's talk about the scents... when it comes to moisturizers and lotions, I often choose products based on they smell.  How about you?  If you do, you are in for a treat and if you like catchy, fun names, then you are in for a bigger treat.  The body oil smells so good and their names are so fun!

Toes in the Water, Toosh in the Sand Body Oil
Toes in the Water, Toosh in the Sand

Be careful around the one named, "It Doesn't Hurt To Be a Lady Ooey Gooey caramel oil" because it has a delicious aroma!  You may get addicted especially if you are a fan of caramel and it's sweet smell. 

It Doesn't Hurt to be a Lady Ooey Gooey Caramel
It Doesn't Hurt to be a Lady Ooey Gooey Caramel

It is a bit messy, however, so it is best to use while in the tub after  you shower and dry off.  Keep a cup nearby so you can clean any mess right after applying.

Happiest Girls Are The Prettiest Girls-Lemon-licious
Happiest Girls Are the Prettiest Girls-Lemon-licious

Happiest Girls are the Prettiest- Lemon-licious scent makes me feel rejuvenated and wakes me up.

It Doesn't Hurt To Be A Gentleman Body Oil
It Doesn't Hurt to be a Gentleman

My husband has been using the It Doesn't Hurt to be a Gentleman.  It makes his skin feel moisturized without smelling girly.  It has a slight scent of men's cologne, just enough so it is not overpowering but smells great for a guy. 
My kids love having lotion applied to their arms, legs and feet so they tried the oil, too, and enjoyed it.  They loved how it made their soft skin feel even softer. 

A Multi-tasking Product That Works from Head to Toe

Remember the saying, "Less is more"? I have to tell you that my absolute favorite thing about these products are that they multi-task, allowing you to accomplish more with less products.  They go a long way which is important for those of us who want to get the most bang out of our buck.  They can perform other beauty tasks for various areas of your body, saving you more time, money and space in your bathroom!

Here are other ways you can use this product:

  • You can use it to shave your legs.
  • As a So Soft Hair conditioner
  • Make Up Remover
  • Super Cellulite and Exfoliating scrub
  • Nail and cuticle conditioner

Six Sassy Sistas explains how you can do all of this with their product by providing instructions with your order.  The flexible uses of this body oil has saved me from buying make up remover or cuticle conditioner.  I also apply some to the ends of my hair strands if my hair is looking dry to smooth them out and add more shine.
I hope you will give Six Sassy Sistas a try!
Also, visit Six Sassy Sistas on Instagram and Facebook to say hi and stay updated.  There's a sneak peek there of some new scents in the making!  Let them know I sent you ;)
Tell me, does this product sound like something you would try?  What's your biggest skin problem?  I'd love to hear it, share in the comments below, email me or share with me via social media :)

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