Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Rainbow Kids' Craft and Activities

Written by, Bernadyn

Spring is a beautiful season, don't you think?  I love how the weather gets warmer and flowers begin to blossom again.  It's a great season if you have kids who like to play outside and explore.  Here in Florida, it does not really matter what the season is because it can be warm one day, cold the next, then rainy for ten minutes at a time!  Our bipolar weather requires us parents to have activities ready to do with kids when they are at least, I 'try' to like this week when my son was home for spring break.  If your kids need ideas for indoors or outside, here are a variety of rainbow-themed activities perfect for celebrating the Spring season.  This was posted at Jacksonville Moms Blog so be sure to visit there for the full article and tutorials.  

St. Patrick's Day, Salt Dough, Ivory Soap

Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Bubble Snakes, Outdoor Activities

Baked Rainbow Crayon Shamrocks

Shamrock, Baked Crayons, Art 

 Rainbow Flour Paint

Kids' Art, Flour Paint, Crafts

Rainbow Bath Paint

Flour Paint, Rainbow Bath Paint

Rainbow Bath Paint, Family-friendly


Rainbow Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt Dough Ornaments, Rainbows

St. Patrick's Day, Salt Dough

Rainbow Clouds Using Ivory Soap

Ivory Soap Projects, Kids' Science

There are more fun rainbow crafts and activity ideas your kids will enjoy doing when you read the full article, so be sure to head over and check it out!  There's also lots more fun ideas for kids at Jacksonville Moms Blog site so take time to look around. 

What activities do you plan on doing with your kids now that Spring is here?

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