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Cook Easier with Live Cooking Advice at TalkToChef

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Get Live Help with Real Chefs!


Do you ever find yourself running into a stumbling block while you are cooking and wishing that you had a live chef to give you a little help, maybe one available right in your kitchen?   Maybe you don't quite understand what the recipe means or you are not familiar with a certain cooking technique.  TalkToChef is a new website that can help you with that!   I love cooking but have not always enjoyed it because I was intimidated and did not have much experience in the kitchen.  If you are still learning how to cook or if you find you just need a little help sometimes with certain recipes, then check out this great new website, TalkToChef!

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 What is TalktoChef?


I was contacted by TalkToChef to become an affiliate with their company since I regularly share food, recipes and anything to do with cooking and baking on my blog.  If you are familiar with my blog or with my family or me, you know my kids, hubby and I love to be in the kitchen and experiment with different recipes for our family.  We also love to write about our recipes and share those kitchen moments with you!

Therefore, when I visited the website and looked into it, I thought, "What an amazing idea, this is perfect for people who want to cook but sometimes, they may not always get it right!" 

If that's you or you know anyone like that, then Talk to Chef is worth visiting!

The website is user-friendly and not intimidating.  I would say it is much better than figuring out that cooking technique on your own!

Here's what you can expect to find at TalktoChef and why it's so easy to use:

  • Live chefs who can answer your cooking questions.  The website uses the latest in two-way video streaming technology to provide you with instant culinary support without leaving your kitchen.  
  • In just a few clicks you will be connected to a professional chef, who is ready to give advice on a variety of cooking matters. 
  • TalkToChef is available through the website, on mobile devices (iOS), and through a widget that can be installed on third party websites.
  • Paying the chefs for their culinary advice is donation-based.  You can see more about that and other information on this page for foodies.

The TalkToChef mantra is “never screw up your dish again.” 

I love creativity and that doesn't stop in the kitchen.  TalktoChef believes the same thing and wants you to improve your cooking experience by being more creative.  I know many people fear to stray from what they are used to cooking because the dish may turn out exactly the opposite of what you envisioned!  I know that has happened to me on a few occasions.  The professional chefs are standing by to help you make your cooking experience a success instead of a disaster.  I wish they were around when I was first learning to cook!

FAQs About TalkTo Chef:

Here are a few FAQ on their website that I thought many of you may be asking right now:

How do I select the best chef for money?
You can go through chef’s profile to choose the one you feel is the best match for you.
What if I like a chef, how do I call her/him directly next time I need advice?
You can always see if this chef is currently available online or not, you can send her/him a message requesting a consultation.
I just have simple questions, why don’t you have the answers posted already?
If you have a question that can be easily found on google, you might not need a live chef’s help. We focus on questions that need live consultation on your specific issue, where you can even show what is exactly going wrong with a dish via a video chat.
Also, the beautiful thing about this site is that if you are actually a chef and want to be the one giving advice about cooking, then you can join as a chef and create a profile to offer your expertise.

TalkToChef Affiliate Program

If you are food blogger who wants to offer your audience another option to help with culinary advice, then you may want to see if partnering with TalktoChef is for you!  It's a great way to help out your visitors when they need a question answered on a recipe.

The service is user-friendly, as you can see, the button/widget is located on the left of this page without the user having to leave the page or install any apps.  You receive commission, 10% of what the chef receives from donations by the user.

For more information, be sure to visit TalkToChef.

What do you think?  Is TalktoChef a service you would consider using?


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