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Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Hello, Friend!

The easy access to the internet, email and sending out e-cards is convenient but there's still something special about sending and receiving that physical letter or card through snail mail.  I especially love handmade cards because you get to let your creative juices flow and of course, the thought and effort you put into creating it is priceless.  Today is "Send a Card to a Friend Day" and it works out perfectly since my kids and I have been working on some homemade Valentine's Day cards this week.  My kids love writing notes and letters so they enjoyed this project.  The best part for them is that they know they will be sending it to people they love.  Check out my free Valentine's Day Cards Printables that you can download and print to send, too.

Send a card to a friend day

Handmade Valentine Cards


Here are some of the cards we made this week...

For this card, we used stock paper, paper doilies, an iron-on bee girl and a cupcake sticker.  

snail mail, send a card to a friend day

We had a pack of foam cupcakes in pink and purple with glitter.  My kids wanted to decorate them, some will be used as cards and the rest I clipped together to make a Valentine's Day banner.  They used craft items we had in the house like pom pom balls, craft eyes, heart felt, beads and buttons along with glitter glue.  I just let them do what they want for these with no real instructions.  It's cute and silly what they came up with for the designs!

Send a card to a friend day, kids' activities 
send a card to a friend day, crafts 

For this card, we added Valentine's Day ribbon on the top and bottom corners.

 send a card to a friend day, kids' crafts

This card is for my nephew that my little girl made specifically for him.  The ice cream stone sticker says, "A perfect pairing." The finished card has his name written on the side and her name is written on the other side.  His nickname for her is, "Wawa," so that's what she asked me to write for her.
crafts, art, kids' projects

send a card to a friend day, crafts 

My little girl also wanted her hand print on some of the cards.  We just mixed a few colors together that we had and she dipped her palm in it.  She added stickers to them.  You can also frame these larger ones to make as gifts.

send a card to a friend day, art

send a card to a friend day, art

arts, crafts, kids' activities
For this card, my daughter crumpled up scrap paper to use as the 'sprinkles' for the cupcake.  The red glitter glue is used to add the cupcake liner lines.

send a card to a friend day, art, crafts

We had a good time making these and working with paper and other craft items.  The kids were occupied for a good while and it's another way to teach them to be self-less, think of others and teach them a little bit about Valentine's Day and "Send a Card to a Friend Day."  I first learned about this special day from Rose with her beautiful handmade card she made for this day in her post you can read here.  Thanks for the information about today, Rose!

Did this post inspire you to make a handmade card or send a card to a friend who you may not have spoken to in awhile?  Who would you send a card to today?

Let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts!  If you enjoyed this post, pin it and share it!

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